Tac-Bar Survival Food: Full Review | Canadian Prepper

Tac-Bar Survival Food: Full Review | Canadian Prepper

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Winner will be announed in an upcoming video the next couple days, thanks for all those who partook. Hopefully the winner chosen will never have to use it!

To enter the contest simply, like comment (What situation do you think the Tac-Bar is best suited for) and if you enjoy the channel subscribe. I do a fair and balanced review of this product. It scored 75% on the prepper food rating scale.

Get some Tac-Bar here


  1. This is especially true in preparation guide, which in anticipation of tough times ahead, we expect that our parents and grandparents of ideas for living a self-sufficient and sustainable life. here it is https://t.co/J9NagXtY4F

  2. great. if you can actually find any to buy…

  3. Would definitely go in my B.O.B.
    Best in depth review for the Tac Bar I've seen thus far.

  4. you can build a wall, make a hammer, throw a animal , use it like a soap , and eating it of course. so helpful 10/10

  5. backpacking

  6. Absolutely the best survival guide ever: http://bit.do/thelostways
    Thank you Gregory ! :)

  7. Handy for keeping in your in-car kit
    Also a single brick in the day sack when hiking… Useful for when out doing tasks away from base camp "just in case"
    Good review… So you're saying we might still want to carry our hot sauce then? :)

  8. Nuclear fallout

  9. Value from food for the a bug out bags

  10. A pandemic where the food is contaminated

  11. jacob Hagström

    Good for war

  12. gasdorfic muncher

    i bought a box ate one block seems as if its not mixed enough , i normally buy mainstay bars , they are mixed better more like a cookie than unmixed batch stuff threw together .

    i really like the look of the product, the belt fell apart less than a week ….eyelets for the buckel came off
    i would pay 50 bucks not 70 , i mean you can get more mountain house food for 70 bucks

    this product needs improvement , all effort in packaging is impressive

    probelly when it sets in the oven the stuff settles to the bottom of the bar , making it unmixed taste? they had a rotating oven in the factory that would keep the stuff from settling to the bottom.

  13. Clint Carpentier

    A lethal box of bricks, and you can eat them too…

  14. Zombie apocalypse

  15. Pople BackyardFarm

    nice review :)

  16. living in a rual town in newfoundland presents some challenges especially in the winter with only one road in or out during the winter before last the road was closed for as long as 2 weeks on two separate occasions once for snow and again for washouts during that time every store in the town started running out of food having something like this tucked away would be a huge asset in the very real situation of the town being closed also I would liken this product to hard tact bread something Newfoundlanders have eaten for years, any way keep the videos comming

  17. Its just a plano ammo can repainted stuffed with shit

  18. Eating on the move. Or Just getting some easy calories

  19. nerd

  20. keep in your car/truck in case you break down somewhere and need food.

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