Surviving The Wild S01 E07 – Nature Wins

Surviving The Wild S01 E07 – Nature Wins

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This time on STW, El and Keyper tackle the mountain with a late spring snowshoe trip and for the first time, nature gets the best of them. This episode covers traversing the side of a snowy mountain, emergency shelter, and sleeping in your car.


  1. why don't u get a canopy

  2. TheCentralHarbor

    Hey there stranger. My name is Benjamin Black from Kentucky, I'm 23 years young. Not like that has meaning to you, but I have a question. where are you from? Would you like to hike and "survive" with a bro for a while? If not, I"m sorry to have bothered you.

  3. The Wooded Beardsman

    Way to adapt. I've done that too. When you're not tied down, you can flow with it.

  4. Why do you hate the dog

  5. Commander Chunk

    do u carry 2 guns

  6. hey man small world you must be really close to me, i live in troy mt, and have grandparents in st. marries id

  7. matthew bugbuyihbhvmnn

    when you pushed your dog it was rude but i still like you and your videos

  8. matthew bugbuyihbhvmnn

    i love your show !!!!

  9. Mewthree008 The Gamer

    As long as u survive and teach  me cool stuff. I love ur show

  10. this guy deserves more subs

  11. Food???

  12. I don't understand why its called "Surviving in the wild" When really its just "Camping" I'm not trying to be antagonistic, i just think its a legitimate question, after watching several previous videos as well as this one.

  13. Yeah, thats the way to make your dog learn, smack her in the face! What would Jesus say? Outrageous

  14. Yeah that's was rude to push the dog you ediot

  15. Shows him walking up the mountain walks back to get camera

  16. HAppy late birthday lol love thrle shows man keep it up

  17. Alfie Fairhurst

    Maralene wheathers u are just a faggot who cares more about dogs than people and I know what your saying dogs should rights and they do, they live with us, we humans have accepted them into our families but we didn't have to. We feed them, give them a home, take care of them. If people don't treat them well then fuck them but it was an accident he was in the way when he was trying to demonstrate something, also instead of just being bothered about dogs be bothered about yourself aswell, also humans are more important than dogs. So stop wingein and get a life

  18. Marlene Weathers

    I Was liking your shows, but then your dog got in front of you during a shot and you pushed her out of the way, like, how dare you take my shine. All you did was make me unsubscribe!!!! An ass hole, is an ass hole. Sorry, but you did it, not me

  19. Your dogs tong is wired 

  20. Why do you carry 2

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