Surviving The Wild S01 E05 – Living Off The Land

Surviving The Wild S01 E05 – Living Off The Land

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Surviving The Wild S01 E05 - Living Off The Land

Shot in HD, this two part special features El showing some wild edibles, how to catch and clean fish, fire starting and more, all against the backdrop of the Montana Rockies.
Filmed in Summer 2012


  1. Can you please make a winter video

  2. A "buddy" and I. lol

  3. lots of haters here which is disappointing. keep on keepin on man! your vids are great!

  4. The Kentucky Woodsman

    Wow, what a great time! You're blessed to have that in your back yard and a good friend to enjoy it with you. Thanks for recording it for us to come along. God bless my friend!

  5. Does your dog think your crazy for leaving your camera and then having to backtrack to go get it?
    Just saying…

  6. SuperCharged Panda

    yay couch potato

  7. The lord is looking out for him….ahhhhhh. Um this guy is a closet fag…just sayin

  8. awesome video! thanks for your effort to actually record everything and post it..beautiful perspective!!

  9. I have been watching your videos just about all night and I really like the neat tips you give here and there especially on how to make the char-cloth. I too am a Christian and like how you openly talk about God in your videos.

  10. You said you wanted to know what viewers thought of your program. I was interested in the subject of your documentary, but right off, I have to tell you that a shaking and moving camera is very off putting, and you need to work individual shots with the camera on a tripod, or get someone to shoot the film for you. Good luck next time.

  11. People can moan and criticise all they like, this guys putting in the dirt time (as Dave Canterbury puts it). That's the only real way to get better. I've had the time and opportunity to do many day hikes but not enough bush craft so far this year and time is very restricted at present so I'm happy to see this guys video's without resorting to armchair douchbaggery and petty jealousy. More power to him!!

  12. I feel like everybody is talking bad on his channel ive watched almost all of his vids and all of them and they have been educational and inspiring he has been homeless and still figures out a way how to do the things he loves. keep making the awesome vids i got your back!

  13. thats a blue berry not a huckle berry

  14. i am wondering, insteading of hitting the fish on the head can u just let it die out of the water without hitting it? i am just curious. nice video btw

  15. Hey great video man! I watched the whole thing. It was well done… I am going to do something ;ike this at some point! Really great job!

  16. Ok

  17. Great Job U should using the GoPro. be cause you would be able to mount it, and not have to hold it.

  18. You're not living off the land if you have all that stuff all you need is a knife and a gun 

  19. to those of you offended by the God coments get a life

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