Surviving the U-Boats – WW1 Uncut – BBC

Surviving the U-Boats – WW1 Uncut – BBC

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Dr Sam Willis jumps into a stormy sea survivial tank to understand better what it was like if your ship was torpedoed by a U-Boat during WW1.


  1. History repeats, look at Jewish prison camps from Nazi then North Korea's Prison camp! they. other did nothing but there u go!

  2. My great grandfather served for Scotland during ww1

  3. First of all its not a life jacket it's a buoyancy aid
    Big difference

  4. They all seem like little schoolboys I don't have a life jacket, go get me something, YES SIR.

  5. I'd just drown myself

  6. LawnFlamingoPoop

    what software would be good for making animated models like 2:052:15?

  7. They forgot to mention hypothermia… main cause of death if you are floating around in north sea… if water is 10 degrees Celsius you can last for 10 minutes… 1 degree = 1 minute…

  8. QuickQuickSlowSlow55

    Never thought how tough it must have been in the middle of the North Sea until I saw this ponce in a swimming pool.

  9. I thought u boats were ww2

  10. 8:10 his face is wet but his clothes Seem dry lol

  11. Thats when Germany knew….they fucked up!

  12. Why don't we tell it how it was ? Lusitania was used to carry ammo and used people as human shield and later on after germans sink it, they used it to demonize Germany and to make people enlist and fight in the war. Used for war propaganda

  13. that is my nightmare

  14. Rum, the ships pictured are actually St Louis American cruisers

  15. Master Ofdesaster

    and again no body said that Germany said don't go at that ship we will Shot at it

  16. I just get flashbacks of the war.

  17. Long live Der Wolfpack!Ghosts of the sea,reaper of the waves

  18. Without warning????
    They knew this would happen, they were warned, and they still enter dangerous was used as usual to create public centiment for entering the war. The US still does this today.
    See below from wikipedia.

    When RMS Lusitania left New York for Britain on 1 May 1915, German submarine warfare was intensifying in the Atlantic. Germany had declared the seas around the United Kingdom
    a war zone, and the German embassy in the United States had placed a
    newspaper advertisement warning people of the dangers of sailing on Lusitania. On the afternoon of 7 May, Lusitania was torpedoed by a German U-Boat, 11 mi (18 km) off the southern coast of Ireland
    and inside the declared "zone of war". A second, unexplained, internal
    explosion sent her to the bottom in 18 minutes, causing the deaths of
    1,198 passengers and crew.

  19. "I got a stool." AGGGHHH…. "I got a big chair." ARGGGHHH

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