Surviving in cold conditions (

Surviving in cold conditions (

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Andrew travels to Norway to show you how to build a shelter, build a


  1. Awsome there

  2. John Stoner For Life 77

    Heat radiation "wall" or "Cresent" behind fire place would lower need to burn wood

    , and in deep snow, snow shoes is one of the most important things to do,
    and here in Nordic, you can easily bend those from young branches and using as bottom same……. "pine like" ""don't know word for it in english ""
    ……. trees as he used in shelter and "cross bars inside of the wooden" loop and fill holes with those branches or pieces of those branches,and use some cord to tight those to boots , and it should be tight similar as in skis, so that your heel can rise freely and snow shoes are constantly leveled when walking like skis are

    otherwise calorie consumption sky rockets if need to move a lot in deep snow 

  3. Andrew Price knows his business!! Best video on the internet!!!

  4. Darrell Anderson

    I like this video. It's relaxed and informative.

  5. 0:010:27 what is this song ? =)

  6. These long commercials SUCK!

  7. I totally agree Lance lol

  8. How do you keep the fire going when the snow starts coming down?

  9. Enjoying this guys advice but the song is starting to grate!

  10. Opal Preston Shirley

    Great video. That is a great shelter how long did it take you to construct it? Thanks for sharing.

  11. looks like you need some snow shoes old boy

  12. Kellie Nightlinger

    I loved your video.  I wished we lived closer so we could go on some survival missions

  13. Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone for the most part.

  14. I would say let your saw be bulky. You wouldn't want it breaking or just being insufficient. Lash the handle and the eye to either side of your pack or even make a cloth pouch to put it in and tie that to your pack.

  15. What about bears?

  16. i really like the idea of a raised bed in the cold weather,good job thanks

  17. 2:01 cheating, lighters are for pussies unless you have anything else to use

  18. Ah, a bic lighter, never would have thought of that!

  19. Well, I am pretty sure he has nothing to worry about if he runs into a wild squirrel lol.

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