Surviving a night in a snow cave on Mt Cook

Surviving a night in a snow cave on Mt Cook

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A short video of Grant Rawlinson and Alan Silva’s night in a snow cave during severe weather, stuck on the Hooker glacier in New Zealand’s Southern Alp’s. They were attempting to climb a route called the ‘Grand Traverse’ on New Zealand’s highest mountain ‘Aoraki/Mt Cook’. They could see the refuge named ‘Gardiner hut’, but because of large crevasses, could not reach it. Nearing hypothermia and In a desperate bid to find shelter they found a small crevasse which they enlarged enough to both squeeze into. Here they spent a cold, wet night before retreating and walking back out the next morning in ever worsening conditions. Quite some adventure, and you can read more about it here:
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  1. Australian Survival Instructors

    It's always good to get out of the weather. Hope you guys enjoyed your 'cuppa'.
    great video.

  2. yep…amazing video…

  3. One day I'll make her mine

    its too cold in manchester
    i was looking for some snow night video and found this
    it wasnt too long but i enjoyed it !
    thanks fr uloading
    u are the heroes 

  4. swimmeratthebeach24


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