Survive the Nights — First Look — Part 1 — The Basics!

Survive the Nights — First Look — Part 1 — The Basics!

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Survive The Nights is new game hitting the zombie survival genre with some real innovation. Bringing together everything everyone’s always wanted out of the genre, and putting it in the hands of the player in a open persistent multiplayer world, hype!

Survive the Nights Kickstarter:

You can find more info about the game here:

Survive The Nights Gameplay #1:

Survive The Nights Gameplay #2:

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  1. first look ? what

  2. You should also make it on ps4 cause it can process all of the things in that game so i highly recommend ps4

  3. Hi everyone…. What RAM I need for ths game?

  4. 0:18 damn good meth lab

  5. when does it come out…. u said it should come out soon, that was a year ago.

  6. I would rather this game be similar to 7 days to die instead of DayZ (imo dayz is just a terrible excuse for a game)

  7. you are not alone i think that the game looks absolutely fantastic and i will definitely be playing this game in the future

  8. Severus “Pickle Man” Snape

    6 days ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

  9. As a fan of zombie survival games, I feel like this game could eventually be…. As much as i'd hate to say…… A replacement of DayZ. Just from this video and watching all the cool things you can do, like board up an RV (not to mention, you can walk around in it and interact with things inside), turn on lights, turn on generators, and most likely a ton more. This is a short sneak peak of what this gam will become. Even though my computer is terrible, and can hardly run any of these games, i watch a lot of gameplay on DayZ, and different things like that. I just like that feel of basically being able to interact with most everything, and alot othings being useful, like when he got the metal boards, and patched up his RV. It also seems tf hat the PvP system would be a bit better than DayZ. While DayZ bandits sit on top of hills and kill all the people that walk in to town, not even going and getting the loot, Survive The Nights really seemed like it fixed some of those aspects.

    Sorry if this 'review' doesnt make much sense. I'm tired, and i wanted to give a bit of feed back :)

  10. yes please that game needs to go to steam

  11. The game looks sick.Can't wait to play it tho

  12. I love the game

  13. the way game looks is just perfect, dont change it developers.

  14. nononono. PLEASE, dont change how it looks, i hate it when it runs slow. Sometimes, i cant play VERY good games because of how game developers stupidly tried to make it good but couldnt, exept making it run slow cus of the graphics (my pc runs GTA V well)

  15. how many zombies in this game?

  16. Very nice video..

  17. Is the game on Steam at the moment ? i cannot find it.

  18. Hey sindicate, do you hve any news about this game? I was pretty excited about it but i havent seen many news

  19. Trung Do (Zero13877)

    Finally a really good Zombie survival game! Please fucking finish making this game unlike Day Z and make the zombies behave like a zombie. Zombies should only run if it has recently been infected, I hate the runners, it doesn't feel like a zombie game with more runners than walkers.

  20. If only this would go to ps4 to I would be happy and it would be awesome

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