Survivalist tip – 5 easy survival food preps

Survivalist tip – 5 easy survival food preps

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Survival foods – Some easy to use and easy to store survival food preps

What are the requirements for a survival food prep?

Nutrition content
Calorie content
At least 1 year shelf life
No special storage after opening / or, serving size so that the whole thing can be eaten after opening
No special cooking requirements — open and eat, or heat and eat
Something your family normally eats
Considerations for special diets
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  1. Sooooo When SHTF  your gonna be concerned with sodium or mercury content??

  2. Lafrance Vandoren

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  3. Charles Valenzuela

    So, you'll eat/drink that slimfast and energy drink crap but you have concerns about mercury in canned fish? Really?

  4. Um, that…..was NOT honey. lol

  5. Conspiracy Terrorist

    What's "Hort Disease"?.. LOL!!  jk man..  Salmons "Good till" date is like 4 years after the date on the can.  After that it's still good for 4 or more years after..It's "Forever" food!


    Check out the smuckers peanut butter they the organic option and comes in a glass jar. Plus it's very tasty.

  7. Herring fillets are much lower in mercury. you may wish to use that also because the cans are short and flat. the flavor carries from brand to brand. Polar is good but the dollar store brand is good too. women get grossed out by them, but ounce for ounce, they are packed with protein and nutrition. If you can get past the looks, they are quite good.

  8. Danielle Marceaux

    and a nother good reason i don't buy skippy is the palm oil is from palm trees and we are looseing the rainforests so i am doing everything i can not to make it dissappear

  9. Palm oil…. Full of saturated fats, bad for your health but aside from that Borneo deforestation has killed the ecosystems that they have been replaced by Palm oil tree's. Not sure if you are an idiot or just not have actually read into anything, but as a survivalist spruiker, you really have not thought this video through very well. The ignorant people will run out and buy bucket loads of your "Jif" peanut butter, not realising that they are contributing to more downfall of these ecosystems being utterly destroyed. I hope Jif paid you well enough so you can sleep well at night, knowing you/we are never actually going to need to survive world war 3, the zombie apocalypse and a global financial meltdown that will never actually happen.

    Hope you enjoy your day

  10. I don't think great value honey is real honey

  11. christopher mikalsen

    corn is just fast energy there and then, it could be used as a boost of energy and for a motivational meal, but i would never call boxed corn a survival food, going on a day hike? i would bring tuna,beans,corned beef yummy, nuts and raisins for energy, and peanutbutter and beef jerky as a treat. it never hurts to bring alot of food, thats my advice 🙂 now tell me yours

  12. I am lucky to have a local honey distributor in our town. I but a quart of honey from him every month. 

  13. Peanut butter should only have peanuts in it.

  14. For your plastic jars and bottles get a large metal tool chest for $200 and store a hundred or more jars of peanut butter in one.

  15. RockyMtnGobblers

    What do you think about the 1.95 lb. containers of protein powder by Body Fortress each serving is 52 g. of protein, you just add 8 oz. of milk or even water and its good. I think it should last a year.

  16. RockyMtnGobblers

    you may also have thought about 2 vitamins you really need c,d and calcium an element.
    c can be found in pine needles ( make pine needle tee) D=sunshine and calcium can be found in some leaves, animal muscle and bone.

     Rickets is caused by a lack of vitamin D and calcium, and can lead to bone deformities. Scurvy is triggered by vitamin C deficiency, which causes joint pain and a swelling of the gums.  I would add salt.

  17. Hold on, what do you mean about telling people "Don't Eat Then" if we ever come to a SHTF world if you don't LIKE or WANT to eat what's in front of you FINE in a day or two they will learn to love any kind of FOOD they can get there hands on, So if that want to go that way fine, but they will be back and Hungry as Hell for what ever, In that world who would say NO to any food after a week or so of being Picky. Or you can just tell them to Call Out for a PIZZA, yea right.

  18. Along with food prep, get lots of spices.
    What you do not use, Barter with the extra.
    People will want spices to make their bland food taste better.
    They might not have salt and you got lots of it, you can trade salt for food they have.
    Most spices will last forever or close to it.
    Salt is cheap now, in a SHTF it will be gold.

  19. I started to get canned meats and some canned vegie's.
    Meat is going to be harder to get in  survival(SHTF).
    I am also getting easy cook food that comes in a bag like rice, noodles,most I get at Walmart.
    With any food prep, get Traps, fishing gear,hunting tools., when the stored food gives out then you can hunt for it.

  20. Semantha Tackett

    make sure its 100% honey in the ingredient list some companies add crap to stretch out their profits, also many real natural peanut butters need refrigerated after opening.

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