Survival Week – Wilderness Survival

Survival Week – Wilderness Survival

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Survival Week - Wilderness Survival

Cody Lundin teaching on what to take into the wilderness and how to handle an emergency
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  1. Why did they stop dual survival

  2. Lovely advice friend :-)

  3. Australian Survivalist

    Great advice. Thanks

  4. "LET'S ALL LEARN FROM EACH OTHER" is a good motto to live by.

  5. Yes he is…

  6. Sure he knows his stuff and has lots of great ideas but what works for him might not always work for everyone.He walks the walk but I dont agree with everything.One thing that stands out to me is depending on bleach in a plastic bottle for safe water.What happens when the bleach runs out and or spills? Sure it can work in the short term but why not just have a steel bottle to boil in?And bleach if you want.Best of both.Either way I respect what he does.Lets all learn from each other.Joe Tactical

  7. Right on!

  8. Thanks for the support with your comment… If we all want to learn from each other we need only focus on what we can learn from each other and not bitter and judge others… It's why I'm on youtube… It's like I always say… LET'S ALL LEARN FROM EACH OTHER… Joe Tactical

  9. Exactly! Dave Canterbury has, IMHO, the best channel on YouTube! It's amazing how hard he works to get all that information out there where people can access it for free. How anyone can say that guy "is all about the money" is beyond me!

  10. If you want to learn more then go to Dave Canterbury's YouTube channel & learn more! He has the best channel on YouTube. It has HUNDREDS of high quality videos that cover everything from survival to navigation to primitive living skills to blacksmithing, & you can watch them all for free. Your empty wallet is irrelevant. WildernessOutfitters is the name of the channel, & he has a 2nd channel under his name, Dave Canterbury.

  11. Justin The Wolf

    dave has a youtube channel that has indepth survival instruction.

  12. I disagree with your comment about Dave being all about the money… Just go to his channel here on youtube and see how much work he does with his videos for free… Also if you do a bit of research on his 10 C's you will find all that you need for a basic survival kit… It's better not to get caught up in the drama because it takes time away from learning… It's like I always say… Let's all learn from each other. Joe Tactical

  13. cody is an amazing survivalist i trust whatever he has to say

  14. "the key to survilval is to stay alive"
    *puts a plastic bag over his head*

  15. you are cody right? from dual survival? I think you look familiar

  16. fred freiberger

    iw ish cody would put more out there i know dave is a promoter not that i do not appreciatehim i would like to learn more but my wallet stays empty

  17. thanks cody

  18. Another good idea is not to enter winter storm areas wearing only shorts and a t-shirt !!!

  19. The more i learn.about self reliance they more i find out why Dave Canibary didnt last long on the show.Dave is all about the Money.But Cody know what he's talking about.that why I think dual surival didnt last long not because of Cody but because of Dave.

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