Survival Trap- Figure Four Deadfall Setup–with extra tips

Survival Trap- Figure Four Deadfall Setup–with extra tips

- in Survival In Mountains

This is a quick demo of making a figure four deadfall trap including a few helpful extra tips.


  1. Hey McElroy, thanks for the tips, they're very useful! Btw, if you dont mind me asking, what kind of cam are you using? It has a great DOF. Keep doing the good work!

  2. Best description of this trap setup on YouTube. You did it fast with perfect detail. Consider me subscribed!

  3. I recovered my long-lost Youtube account JUST for the purpose of this video. This has to be one of the most resourceful, yet most simplest things I have ever seen. First being your pump-drill design.
    Regardless of whether or not these are your ideas, they are absolutely astonishing, and deserve many many more views and subscribes. Thank you for sharing this information.

  4. ExpertSportsFilms

    Hey McElroy I just started watching your videos and I honestly think you are probably one of the best YouTuber's for survival I have learned so much keep up the good work!!

  5. Great video sweety 🙂 my favorite part was the "man giggle" at the end 🙂 super cute! Add more of that for more female views!

  6. You look like an older version of Pewdiepie :D

  7. Very well demonstrated.  I did a mini latch version of this dead fall for KnifeHQ on the winter video last Feb.  We did a demonstration on the video without the two side holders so that it could be seen well.  Ya it needs the side holders even when demonstrating.  This was a great video.  Very well explained and thought out.

  8. Lol you made me jump when you triggered the trap lol

  9. Eegads, at 3:12 you insert your arm UNDER the top log. No, no, no. Not unless you want to practice setting a broken arm in a survival setting.

  10. Yes i jumped it was so sudden 


    Anyone else jump at 4:15?

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