Survival Tools/Gadgets: Hitman WireSaw, Cardsharp, Steel Multitool,

Survival Tools/Gadgets: Hitman WireSaw, Cardsharp, Steel Multitool,

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Card Sharp Link:

Wire Saw Link:

Steel Multitool Link:

I like to make videos on whats current in video games. The game Hitman Absolution uses lots of weapons, one of them being the Garrote (strangling wire). It helps get more views when you base it off current video games. I’m not a psychopath, or at least I”m not aware 😛

Wire Saw (Hitman Absolution Garrote), Cardsharp, Steel Multitool,
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  1. I've read that the karambit is also a survival tool but only the small blade part and it goes around your finger and you can put a sting on it to use it as a necklace

  2. papper is the worst thing u can cut with youre knif

  3. Greyson Johnson


  4. You can also get the cardsharp at vat 19

  5. Axe

  6. A good Swiss Army knife or a Leather man is a good survival tool.

  7. Hi cool vid. But the card sharp link is not working so please fix it and reply fast

  8. The contact points on that wire will not be strong enough to strangle a grown man it will break

  9. GreekGadgetGuru

    I'd rather be a vigilante

  10. PROYECTO: Maestro Yi

    future murderer in 3… 2… 1… xD

  11. altoids tin survival kit anyone?

  12. I want the card sharp so bad btw the link to it doesn't work

  13. Vat19 also sells magnetic thinking putty. He gave a free vat of it to CrazyRussianHacker

  14. That cardsharp is cool looking

  15. Colton Huffines

    You should try to combine all of those survival tools

  16. Did the first thing you showed (multitool) come in the August Burns Red Leveler survival tin…

  17. get it on, it's only $4.60 there…

  18. Jeremy Dunsworth

    All in all his much do all these cost

  19. xzavior sprinkle

    I have that cardsharp

  20. It was some sort of thing that sharpened a credit card

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