SURVIVAL Tools In Your Wallet!

SURVIVAL Tools In Your Wallet!

- in Survival Skills

A couple VERY useful items that fit inside your wallet. Ideal for survivalists, people that enjoy camping, hikers, or people that like to always be prepared for difficult situations. Enjoy the video!

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  1. bet you can get a dumpster full of these at the airport, hahaha, that's were mine is.

  2. Good vid as always. Ordered 3 sets of picks and the cheaper "Survival Card" from BG. Hope it shows up in your referral account. :)

  3. Those picks look rather short, might be OK for getting out of a tight spot, but wouldn't want to use them unless I had to ;^<

  4. Why not add some duct tape and a balaclava to your prepper list?
    Both potentially useful items to go with the lock picking tool and knife?

  5. I have that exact set of lock picks, because they were quite cheap. The picks are a bit sharp on the fingers after a while, but the portability is hard to beat. Thank you!

  6. Great video!! I think crazy Russian hacker had something similar to this. You might want to check out his video for more tools.

  7. OnTheWorkbenchToday.Com

    The knife and the lock picks being carried here in the UK, especially by a young man, would likely lead to arrest.

    Not sure how long the blade is but given that it and its handle are one, it's overall length is going to exceed 3 inches, which is a no-no here. It would be viewed as a weapon. Add lock picks to that equation and a cop is probably going to want to let the courts sort it all out. Young men sorting out their problems with knives is a real problem here, as is burglary, of course, and the law is such that it would be inadvisable to carry such things as an EDC. Definitely not while out socializing in the evening.

    Edit: it is undoubtedly a really useful set of tools (cutting seat belts to free someone from an accident and getting back into your home, etc.), but as they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse,. so I would definitely check first. Again, especially if you are a younger man…

  8. From the thumbnail I thought this is crazy Russian hacker

  9. Where can I find these things?

  10. Gadget Review Videos (Scott)

    You forgot to mention that in some states, townships even having lock picks on you is a felony. It indicates intent to commit a crime for some local laws. Please check your local laws before buying such kits or carrying them

  11. Haitian Refugee

    I've never found a button compass that is accurate at all. Did you have any luck with yours being true?

  12. Miguel Castaneda

    cabelos used to carry an item simular was out of metal had pen.hex cutouts to use wrench..blade ..scale..small light…screwdriver

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