Survival Tools For Those Left Behind: Multi-Purpose Shovels & Quick Fire Starter

Survival Tools For Those Left Behind: Multi-Purpose Shovels & Quick Fire Starter

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As part of my tribulation period survival guide, I plan on doing an ongoing series on practical survival tools that I believe will be useful during this time period. First up, I review two multi-purpose shovels and what I believe is the best fire starter solid fuel tablet I have ever used.
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  1. I hope those left behind will look at this video for some hope.

  2. not just jews but many threw out the world will come to Jesus and lose there head for him

  3. SuccessfulPlansNJ

    I agree, Jesus is the only alternative, If you want life.
    Therefore it is the best, the other alternative is death.
    It is a choice.

  4. BREGGREN Papadoo

    God, Our Creator & Creator of The Universe, Life & A Way to Be Saved Out of a Fallen World. Rapture Coming Soon? Only God in Heaven Knows. Time to Accept God's Way of Salvation? Time is Running Out! Before We are Raptured Out– God Will Give Us Yet Another Opportunity to Witness The Gospel to All The Unsaved, Yet On The Outside. Friends, Family & Strangers, That We Never Told How We Got Saved & What it Means to Be 'Washed in the Blood!' We Must Tell All People the Old Story of GOD'S LOVE! Amen

  5. My apologies for upsetting you. Clearing up an unBiblical assumption for my readers is very different from not showing tolerance for one's view. Example, if you said Jesus was not the only way to Heaven I would most certainly clear that up.

  6. I don't think I'll waste my time running. Behead me and let's get it over with. Jus' sayin'.

  7. As it is written, the righteous ones will be gathered into His Barn from before the face of the evil one.

    Rev 13:7 And it [the coming revived beast] was given to it to war with the set-apart ones [His elect], and to overcome [kill] them. And authority was given to it over every tribe and language and nation. And all those dwelling in the Earth will worship it, (those) of whom the names was not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb having been slain, from (the) foundation of (the) world.

  8. So then, whatever happened to tolerance of other beliefs which the mainstream culture preaches so much about these days? What, does that all go out the window within a couple of years? 

  9. Accepting Jesus is the only alternative. Surviving the tribulation period is likely very unlikely. These are only a few suggestions that are available for someone who must live on the run and travel lightly during this time period. I have many more in my survival guide. These items were not mentioned in the book. I will be looking for more useful items not mentioned for future videos. This is all part of a series of videos directed at those left behind only, not Christians.

  10. I think the assumption is quite valid. The Bible is clear that you won't be able to participate in the Antichrist's one world system if you don't take his mark and worship him. It may take time for his officers to get to you but eventually they will evict you and your family from the home, not to mention you will likely be killed. This will not be a time of government upholding human rights.


  12. i think most people have no idea of how bad the trib will be. radiation, murder, starvation, tourture,terrible sights from the heavens earthquakes, chinese,russian troops possibly, etc..

  13. Unsaved neighbors will turn ya in in a minute. Marauding a/c goon squads will find easy pickings of those with no mark when going into homes. At home comfortable with your survival stash? How long until scavaging people see that you are not rooting through garbage cans and realizing that you are not looking too frail and thin and thirsty? 

  14. Haha watched World War Z today. It totally shows the senario of what would happen during the tribulation lol. You guys should check it out

  15. SuccessfulPlansNJ

    I agree with you as well.
    Just the thought of ‘surviving’ with a toy shovel might be the impetus for some to accept Jesus & get saved.
    Most of us are not like ‘Rambo’ & will not be able to eat things that make a Billy goat puke in order to survive.
    Pardon my crudeness, but this is serious stuff.
    Accepting Jesus is the best alternative.

  16. SuccessfulPlansNJ

    I agree.
    Jesus is Eternal. Place your Trust in Him.
    The rest is a pot of stew.
    Nothing wrong with being ‘prepared’. But the best preparation is have Jesus.
    I know that seems like a nebulous statement to some, but it is real.
    Trust in Jesus with all your heart, repent of your sins, & live for Him entirely.
    He is the one who holds us in the palm of His hands.

  17. Honestly, I wouldn't trust my life to these tools. Research bushcraft skills & tools on youtube. (axes, knives, stoves, food, shelter, making cordage…)

  18. Freeze dried food for those left behind..

  19. Honestly, I think when the tribulation…the latter half mostly, starts-up, people will not be looking for shovels, they will be looking for a way to commit suicide We need to start witnessing like never before brothers and sisters, time is nigh, and our Messiah is coming for His bride very soon…"feast of trumpets" perhaps?? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, the coming tetrad is GOD's final warning for His people, the Jews. The "tribulation" is for the "salvation" of the "Jewish Nation".

  20. Yahuah help you if your only hope is in a multipurpose shovel. Repent, confess your sins, accept Jesus Christ as your savior, and receive eternal life NOW, forget about the shovel, Yahuah already purchased the blood of the Lamb for you, for free. The coming tetrad (four blood moons) falling all on Jewish holy days should be a sign for you all that something grand is coming, it's Yahuah's warning to Israel, to His people, that much pain and suffering, and trials are coming very soon, shalom.

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