Survival teepee debris shelter

Survival teepee debris shelter

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This is my video on the Survival shelter debris teepee and we have a nice fire inside and it’s sweet hope you enjoy
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  1. With an open top, you're going to get wet if it rains.

  2. nice video excellent shelter a lot of hard work coming together

  3. dan katla sharpe

    good job, i like the way the smoke is split making less of a signal for your enemies to see, would a layer of clay mud stop the moss from blowing away?

  4. can't hear you

  5. nice shelter man;D

  6. all the heat will get traped in the top

  7. Rudy Ormanovich

    great job on a awesome TeePee"
    thanx for sharing

  8. Dave Littlewood

    i have just recently subscribed to your great channel,the teepee is fantastic,inspiring.i want to build one,now.atb from cornwall

  9. Thats really cool!! Where did you get all the moss?

  10. GrizzlyPawSurvival

    Right on thanks dude and same

  11. GrizzlyPawSurvival

    Just got my channel started here still working out the kinks hopefully I can get more views not quite sure how it works yet

  12. GrizzlyPawSurvival

    Awesome man ! Been planning on doing the same 

  13. GrizzlyPawSurvival

    Awsome definitely the way to go for long term

  14. GrizzlyPawSurvival

    Great thanks man I've been planning on building the same exact one. I was just meaning of it were to rain through the opening on the top

  15. GrizzlyPawSurvival

    Rain or smoke inhalation ? I noticed in the comments you didn't answer these questions and it's the only concerns I had as well . Thanks.

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