Survival Skills with Russ – How to Butcher a Chicken pt 1 (kill, pluck, gut)

Survival Skills with Russ – How to Butcher a Chicken pt 1 (kill, pluck, gut)

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Russ gives a step by step demonstration of how to most humanely kill (Old Testament), how to pluck by hand or use a plucker and how to properly gut a chicken in Part 1. Julie shows how to cut up a chicken in part 2. Chicken anatomy is briefly explained. Great for Homeschoolers!


  1. Wow!  This video was very detailed and visibly descriptive.  I just got done plucking our hen that was just killed by a predator and I needed to see how to dress the hen.  Thanks so much Steve.  This was very informative.  I'm going to watch it again and then go try it myself.  Wish me luck!

  2. It looked like the chicken was dancing when they cut the neck…

  3. People feel sorry for the chicken, but let me tell you, when I have too many roosters, I have to thin the herd.  When I'm plucking them, the other chickens surround me, WAITING for the insides, which one will pick up and the rest give chase.  It doesn't seem healthy to me, but those chickens love ANYTHING that bleeds, especially their previous friend!

  4. Awesome video!  Very informative, you didn't torture the bird, and you went through every step.  Great job man.

  5. Your video was extremely helpful tonight!! Thank you so much. 

  6. i find it weird that the comment section isn't full of vegan-psychos

  7. Ok this is the best chicken butchering vid I've seen, the rest so far suck! Thx for the vid, Steve Frank Films u guys should do a vid on butchering cows because my dad and I have beef cows and he never has time to teach me so a vid on how to butcher a cow would be nice, thx! 

  8. Great video.  If people think this is bad their not very smart.  I bet that chicken had a million times better life and end then any chicken you buy at a super market.

  9. Great video, wish I had this when a first learned how to butcher a chicken, 34 years ago.

  10. thx for the vid. very informative 

  11. Lilkmac69'sPlace

    sometimes i feel bad for animals but whatever. they're food

  12. Thank you for that video – I have 14 roosters to prepare for the freezer.  :)

  13. cortland woodard

    Lmao chicken butt

  14. I'm with you on the chicken's bum, or as it's sometimes called, 'The Parson's Nose'.  Thankfully, my dogs like it, so we don't have bits of chicken going to waste.

    As somebody who eats chicken, I think the least I can do for them is watch a video of what happens to them beforehand.

  15. My dad used a hatchet and it snaped its kneck.

  16. thank you for this video

  17. 40 years ago we home butchered 100 chickens every day for a week twice a year, I forgot how… this sure helped me get back into the groove

  18. made me laugh cool video

  19. use the feet for broth, high in gelatin


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