Survival Skills – The Rule Of 3s in Outdoor Survival video

Survival Skills – The Rule Of 3s in Outdoor Survival video

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12 Know your rule of 3s. The Rule of Three’s can help your chances of survival. Practice bushcraft skills to combat exposure, dehydration, and starvation. Sean Collins runs through the Rule of 3’s and explains the importance of each and the steps you can take. He also demonstrates a handy water container for use in woodlands.


  1. is this video a joke? All you did was state the obvious. Oxygen, water? Seriously?!

  2. Can you post where I can purchase the water blatter seen in this video

  3. very true pure common sense thank you another great upload…..col.

  4. Wish more people would take heed of what you've just said. Common sense ain't common!

  5. Ivarr “ᛟᛉ” Bergmann

    Up here in Alaska I see people out all the time with NOTHING. Summer or dead of winter, jogging skiing, or hiking with NOTHING…I'm surprised more people don't die up here from exposure..Greetings from Alaska, USA…

  6. very helpful but you need to get your fire arms back and stay safer.

  7. Great videos. Carrying a your other stuff and that large bag of water must be heavy. it looks like ti is almost as large as decent sized back pack.

  8. 28john06davies88

    i enjoyed watching this video. although where did you get 2 and a half gallons of water from to put in that resevoir. surely if youve had to carry that much water to put in there. it just seems a bit unessassery to be carryi g the extra weight.. but idk. probably ideal for larger groups. im lucky enough to have a 3l hydratiin pack that fits nicely in my back pack. great vid though buddy im enjoying the other videos

  9. TD Kruse (TRWS)

    Would love to see your philosophy behind the rule of "redundancy!" …if you ever get a chance. Good Luck!

  10. @38MarcW Glad you liked it. Thanks for watching WoodlandsTV

  11. @tkruse12345 Thanks for your positive comments and for watching WoodlandsTV.

  12. TD Kruse (TRWS)

    Great review of essential facets of survival! Thanks! Always enjoy the vids.

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