Survival Skills – Making Fire – Cooking – Shelter

Survival Skills – Making Fire – Cooking – Shelter

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This was our first full day survival/bushcraft outing. We made a fire in wet conditions, cook breakfast and lunch, and start on a shelter. Thanks for watching!
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  1. Kalan Mitchelmore

    you should make a Dakota fire !!!!!!!!

  2. I think most people would agree that sharing food with your brother is not gay… Didn't want to take more stuff with us that we didn't need.

  3. DenvilleProductions

    you say i guess way too much 😛 but maybe its just one of those things that happens in front of the camera. i apparently rub my nose :/

  4. I think I would like that more than how it is now days.

  5. Imagine living like this back in the pioneer days. It might have been a hard life; working like a dog every day, but it was somewhat easier. No at-work drama, no worries about making enough money to buy food – you just hunt it and farm it.

  6. I like your formation for hunting in the start of the video

  7. you to are all doom and gloom. cheer up a little bit lol and get more camping eqiupment.

  8. Heep up the good work. The beginners really need this stuff.

  9. Jasmin Blazevic

    And british love it too.

  10. Haha. Everyone tells me I look like him.

  11. Parker Schnables (Gold Rush) twin?

  12. Cool vid but I was hoping to see the finished shelter! I may have to go out and try and make me one similar. Thanks for the idea! Haha

  13. The little saw we used is a gerber. It is the model that slides out of the handle. It is good for $20. It has stopped locking in the forward position, but I have used it for about 6 years. I bought a bigger more expensive saw, but its nice to have a smaller one that fits in your pocket

  14. What brand of saw is that at 3:19? Is it good and worth buying?

  15. good video!

  16. SurvivalGuide123

    hi i made a fishing kit for my survival kit can you watch my vid and comment to tell me if it is any good it is called my survival kit (fishing tackle) my you tube name is survival guide123 subscribe and please let me know if it is any good

  17. I can do that. I actually used to trap a lot when I was younger and fur prices were higher. I still have all my traps.

  18. SurvivalGuide123

    yer steel traps and conibears

  19. Thank you! Do you want a video on steel traps like leg holds and conibears or survival type traps? Yes, we are brothers

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