Survival Skills – Building a Primitive survival shelter with No ModernTools Part 1

Survival Skills – Building a Primitive survival shelter with No ModernTools Part 1

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Building a shelter with no tools, also carrying a tarp can save alot of time and work.
Bow drill made with no tools
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  1. Wilderness Greetings there Wayne!Just wanted to further point out that indeed there ARE what appear to be 'Widow Makers' surrounding your awesome shelter! (Foreground and background obvious dead free just waiting to come down…. Just be safe please (all) and remember to look up once in a while! !)I am relatively new to your channel,but have seen and enjoyed your knowledge thus far as well as other folks sharing their knowledge via YouTube! I had to really shout out a booyah! For you on demonstrating how to let Mother Nature become your tool (an easy one at that) on using those big twin birches for a fulcrum to break of limbs!! Most of the videos I've watched where guys are bushing their chops with an axe or saw when a double tree was right near by, ii had to laugh….I've always done that whenever camping and such and I'm a gal….tee her. So I'm going to finish watching 1&2 of this video. I see you have a ton of them and e an some Maine folks too! (I used to live in Maine,N.H.Vt. miss it!) Now I live in the Central Midwest, which is not quite like the East Coast environments. More hardwoods and some juniper. Not too many water features most of which are quite toxic given the fact that the state is an at state. Lots of chemicals and poo!!!! Ugh.. ISo,I still want to experiment with Bushcraft techniques for this part of the country, just hard to find public land to work on. But that's what backyards are for I guess.. Practice some Keep up the fantastic journey and thanks so much for taking the time to make and share these vids. Armchair living at its finest lol!!Take Care! – Mindi

  2. Abaddon Guecubu

    I think I'd be afraid to sleep just in case a snake slither around. I guess in an emergency I would have to do whatever I have to do to survive

  3. if you read up on Native American prophecy, this will come in handy.

  4. Primal Outdoors

    Nice job so far looks great heading over to see part 2.


  5. 21centurycaveman

    Great idea about the spruce roots and also a really good common sense tip about having your fire good to go if you run out of time. Sometimes if you don't do it that often you just need reminding. ATB

  6. ManLand121 (Midnight121)

    Never work with Animals, Children, and Crows…lol. Brilliant start to this shelter…I'm all excited.

  7. T.W. Milburn (skillet210)

    Gonna B a great series there, Kull; Head=N 2 the next 1 now. Thanks 4 sharing……………………….ATB  Terry………….God  Bless

  8. So much good information. Thank you for charing!
    – Martin

  9. This takes the lost hunter vid to a new level! Watching for P2 to hit my inbox now…

  10. Great presentation.once again!! I had to laugh in the beginning…ya see, anyone who has ever partnerd up with good old Chris Tanner, will fall under the curse…for Chris it runs from birds to lawn mowers to aircraft, to a while back a huge siren…for you …crows, for Bryan Stevens barking dogs and others I need not list!! The curse seems to hold. >;) LOL

  11. Go figure Kullcraven goes in the bush and the boys fly around…they were waiting for you to call back….lol….

  12. That's a solid design for a debris shelter frame. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Turtle Bushcraft

    Great information look forward to part 2 atb John

  14. Awesome vid Wayne looking forward to part 2.


  15. **Could you kindly show me how to build an anti-bear survivor shelter as I am going to be on a show in northern Vancouver island, and I want to increase my odds at winning $500,000. Are you able to help me buddy? :)**

  16. Monkey Mike Outdoors

    Another good video, thanks Wayne!

  17. The Bearded Clam. (Outdoors)

    Great stuff Wayne, nice to see what can be achieved with good skills and minimal kit. Atb Mike.:-)

  18. Hey man, am relatively new to your channel, but I really enjoy your way of sharing knowledge. Where are you in North America? You've got a great forest there, with a great variety of trees. And I really enjoy the way you fumble for words! I've started to shoot a few videos, and everything makes perfect sense in your head, until you hit record and it is marmalade tongue time! Haha, anyway, keep it up dude, I'll be watching.

  19. Good vid. 10* Just needing enough sticks, foliage, moss, and duff to make a fully covered shelter, and a duffed interior sleeping floor.

    You made the same design, of what I use with a clear red plastic tube tent and my 2 walking poles. I can always cover the tube tent (and its rope ridgeline) with further coverage as well.

  20. π Intrepido Φ

    Nice so far, got to check out part 2.

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