Survival Skills 101:How To Poop During A Disaster-Bathroom Survival Ideas!

Survival Skills 101:How To Poop During A Disaster-Bathroom Survival Ideas!

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Three items that will help you concerning hygiene during a disaster. Easy and Cheap!


  1. In a situation when water stops running, first thing you want to do is shut the water to your toilet off. May get back up from neighbors, yuck. Then ask yourself, if there is no water and won't be for a long time do I really want to waste good drinking water on flushing a toilet that is essentially useless now?? Kitty litter is good to keep. The phone book not so much. Might want to rethink that one, lol.

  2. carlos candelas

    you have to wet the paper so it can be more sooth

  3. I noticed that the page you removed from the Yellow Pages was from the section listing 'Attorneys'. How appropriate!

  4. The three sea shells lol!

  5. What about just water?

  6. Couldn't you end up getting a paper cut. Cause just saying that would suck, getting a paper cut right there then having toWalhalla around worth a paper cut on your bum.
    Not likely but still possible.

  7. Creative ideas I have not thought of, good ideas.

  8. honestly what makes people think that they're just going to be in their little homes pooping in there Johnny Cat,…. wiping their butts with phone books for a year are you guys kidding me there's going to be wolf packs military ex-military wolf packs up and down every single house every single Street every man woman and child and that is if you can avoid the paramilitary vehicles the military the FEMA camps the military police squads, the black helicopters and the hunt and kill squads are you guys totally kidding me that you're going to poop in Johnny Cat, …. because your sewer service is out but the rest of your life is going to be just hunky dory with your power generator running and you're going to be watching DVD reruns you guys are totally kidding me….

  9. baby wipes 900 heavy duty wipes for $20. You can use them to clean your self before you use them. Yeah I know I said dooty. :)

  10. Patricia Dressler

    It's apparent that you haven't actually USED the phone books as toilet paper.  Not a good choice. They are not absorbent and just don't do the job.  Lime will also take away the smell.

  11. I watched your vid and went to my aunts place who has cats. I then saw she had kitty litter out, so I pooped in it – she got really angry – she didn't understand your video.

  12. This is a personal care topic, in case the water supply is fails. please if you want to watch all his videos, they are  informative.
    this issue needs thought. folks, we are all spread out across the glob, we all have, for the most part families, friend, loved ones. if you know anything post it to the Radiation protection, topics, videos, help each other. community peace to you all.  Nmaste

     Survival Skills 101:How To Poop During A Disaster-Bathroom Survival Ideas!

  13. Got elderly parents who use the porto johnny's in their house. They used to use straight "Ocean pine" pine oil then started using the camper stuff. A little splash of that goes a long way.

  14. Human waste causes disease. You better have a plan to deal with the bags of poop. 3' snow on ground, now what? Instead of cat litter use camping toilet liquid, covers the smell, only need a little in the 5 gal. potty. Buy a plastic, wheeled, 40gal w/ lid garbage can and put your poop bags in it until you can deal with properly (burn, bury, dump away from water supplies). If you can pee in a separate container, pee stinks, don't mix with poop. Pee used as fertilizer, not poop. Buy kitchen bags.

  15. In north Alabama until the 1950s, my redneck relatives used the bushes around the house. A pack of what they called "commode dogs" went around looking for dump to eat under the bushes of houses. A commode dog was good. It would not only gobble up your dumb but give you a good crack licking, too. And it FELT good! Only, you didn't want to pet or kiss these dogs or let them lick your face. They were commode dogs. Niggers weren't allowed to have bushes, so they invented TP & "de indoe bukit:.

  16. The water thing to flush the toilet is kind of dumb actually…..if you are in a situation where there is no running water well you are going to want to drink that water more than flush your toilet with it.

  17. FilthyBojangles

    you kinda look like Henry Rollins

  18. Great idea…..

  19. Charles Crabtree

    No…the term is "ruff as a cob"

  20. Go into the woods and did a hole… If its dark use a candle.

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