Survival Skills 101: The Turbo Flame Military Blowtorch

Survival Skills 101: The Turbo Flame Military Blowtorch

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Find the TruboFlame at It’s a great company! I failed to mention that they are also WIND PROOF!

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  1. dont point the damn thing at the frikkin can of butane dude ><

  2. I don't know about within the US but that site isn't the only distributer globally,  I got one of those in GoOutdoors here in England. 

  3. When your refilling how do you know when it full 

  4. TexasPrepper Tom

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. Funny how it looks like a grenade

  6. thanks

  7. did you realize that at 2:25 you almost light up the butane ?

  8. Christian Rankin

    So this is a paid advertisement?  I don't mean to be an ass, but you should REALLY share that info with all these people who respect you…

  9. Looks good! Every bug out bag should have one!!

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