Survival Skills 101: Gun Disarm from Hostage Taker

Survival Skills 101: Gun Disarm from Hostage Taker

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  1. Remember there is no 100% effective Gun Dis-Arming Techniques!
    Pulling the Gun down is the best here but; just a suggestion at that point instead of
    twisting why not use your right heel up into his Groin Repeatedly!

  2. the spidermonkey got spanked!

  3. Ok, question…what if they are pulling you back? Or what if they have the gun to the back of your head instead of the side? I've worked with various scenarios and whenever I, personally, have the gun to my partner's head, I position myself so that the gun is aimed at the back of their head and I am in such a position where they cannot easily overpower me. But again this is all practice.

  4. hey rhino.. what if the person pointing the gun at your ear is looking at your arm motion and pull the trigger before you take the gun away?

  5. I liked this video, but he never gave an example of what would happen if the individual was taller than you are, what than?

  6. when it happens to you? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how the hell does he know  this will happen to you

  7. Nice but risky

  8. Alessia Cainarca

    Con questa tecnica non vai in nessuna parte

  9. begging not to die is good move. snatching the gun away fr where u can,t judge n see is very risky, STUPID MOVE. u can,t see where his eyes r looking at, he might be looking at every move u r making. people r very sensitive when they r not sure or how secure things they r holding, might jus slip off, so they tend to pay xtra attention to what they r holding on to. if u wànt to make a move of disarming him, make sure u can divert, decieve or his eye contact is not set on u, that would be a good choice to make a move of disarming him or slipping away, what ever the situation permits. what the video is teaching might cause u yr life.

  10. Gracie jiu jitsu 101. good job

  11. If that gun goes off you're probably going to suffer from the results of the concision which will probably cause nausea and possible black out. If you get the gun I strongly recommend shooting the perp posthaste as you may not have the upper hand for long.

  12. I love it!

  13. With my luck, I'd grab this guy for a hostage.

  14. Thanks

  15. Thank you.  That's was great lessons.  Common sense reactions.

  16. Matthew McGarrett

    i should watch this video a few days earlier

  17. I saw another video where when the guy points the gun from your head to the cops you put your butt backwards, grab the guys wrist and arm and swing him over your shoulder. Do you recommend that technique too? Or do you think this one is easier to pull off?

  18. Big fan. Idk why so silly tho. This is serious!

  19. No need to gun juggle to the primary hand, your already holding the slide… tap with available hand then grab it with the same hand, running the action as you pull through. Very similar to one of the variations we teach, nice job, keep up the good fight. (If the description is unclear… I will try to make a video showing this soon.)

  20. We need more of these kind of techniques (anti-H.T.). I think it might also be a good idea to have some where you are a third party acting in the capacity of a rescuer from the front, rear, and sides 🙂 .

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