Survival Skills 101: Food Storage, Can the Government Confiscate it in Martial Law?

Survival Skills 101: Food Storage, Can the Government Confiscate it in Martial Law?

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Survival Skills 101: Food Storage, Can the Government Confiscate it in Martial Law?

In the video we misspelled the word Confiscate…..So sue us.

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  1. You can watch the bugs bunny cartoons from world war 2 that featured hoarders and see the answer is yes

  2. It's about time that someone tells it like it could be, and not like a lot of people expecting the GOVERNMENT to help them.  Shame on the Sheeple!

  3. I have small amounts of storage, but id hope youde share with the lady with three kids, actually invite them in to live with you, I thinking the more the merrier in a SHTF situation, keep safe and stick together that lady may have a special skill and maybe your teenager can watch and play with her kids while she is helping you.

  4. hahahahahagaha babaha

    SOMEONE ANSWER ME (preferably "mysurvivalskills101") can we SUE after martial ends (if we were to go through one) ? i know you mentioned it, but just want some more clarification! thanks in advance.

  5. Dan PetersonTaylor

    if they can go door to door taking your guns and ammo, they can take your food…
    And they (the government) have picked up all the guns in areas.

  6. The government can't take what they don't know you have.

  7. billandbeaufort

    Democrats treat you like they're your mother. Republicans treat you like they're your father. Libertarians treat you like you are an ADULT!

  8. Yes…The Government can take anything it wants, not only in Marshall law. it is already happening , if you don't follow the Government regulations for storage/safety/quantity regulations,  they will confiscate it somehow, using some made up rule during times of trouble.

    Ever experience having your home busted in , during the middle of the night, leaving you with the cloths on your back…computers, food, weapons, water stores, anything and everything is up for grabs, once the government hired goons, receive the orders. They are just following orders, being good sheep dogs to the sheep..

    If you resist….They will take you as well..along with all your stores and prepped larder.
    This has and is happening since the Times of royal families.. 😉

    Loose lips , sink ships…
    I did an experiment once…and told my best friend about my interest in prepping…there response was, well when the SHTF happens, I know where to bring my family..haaha..
    Experiment over.
    Cheers ;-)

  9. sgtprepperslhcb

    Looking for a place to be when SHTF happens? Google 218 Proffitt Ridge Rd., Mooresburg Tennessee. A great place to be until that time also!

  10. uncle harry gets a bullet. right, my smart preppers. if you want to keep your food storage a secret, don't show yourself in tv shows or on youtube. in this moment we are all pretty sure you have extra food. and now people might come for you in a disaster. it's smart to make many stashes. if needed you share only one out of 20 for example.

  11. Learn your wild edibles now!    I doubt the gov or anyone else is going to come pick your weeds out of your lawn or garden – I know not enough calories to keep you alive long term, but will buy some time.   Lambsquarters, Asiatic Dayflowers and cattail shoots are actually very good eating.   Add in some nuts & berries you could go for awhile.   Many will call me a traitor, but I'm not going to fight the .gov   no thanks on that one

  12. The gov can do anything they want to do.   That is why I pay my taxes and follow the law. I respect the police and am grateful to the military for what they do.  I have never even been so much as harassed by the law.  But I am a white guy living in SW Missouri so that may help.   LOL

  13. well thanks to the patriot act the military could be used but there is a const law  stating that the military can never police the us citizen it is  posse comitatus

  14. Good Thoughts

  15. Most folks know who has supply. There is a look to them. all your suggestions do is create a huge target on yourself. Best to be part of a larger effort to prep at the regional level. But the folks who prep are the first to be victimized. I want you to be ok and successul but dude… you are setting folks up to be hurt.

  16. I understand the warning and secrecy,but anyone that sees your video knows you're the one that will have food.

  17. We just loved your video!!!  LOL!  Screw the self-righteous people who balk- i think they have never been hungry. I have though and we all have to take responsibility for ourselves- anyway yes to due diligence, civil duty, and God help us CIVIL LIBERTIES!!!

  18. 6 hardcore liberals disliked this.

  19. Nicholas Zounis

    They can't take your food if they can't find it.

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