Survival Skills 101: Food Storage 101 with the Rhino! PART 1

Survival Skills 101: Food Storage 101 with the Rhino! PART 1

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Part 1 of 2 Parts

I go into detail about how to “start out” a successful food storage. Follow these guidelines and you will save a ton of money and time. This is a subject in which my wife and I are pretty good at so listen up! I failed to mention that you should have a ton of Water in your food storage preps as well. While I’m not LDS here is a link to a free download that an LDS prepper put together.

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  1. this video was so great thank you for posting it . I am new at food storage but its so needed . what great video.

  2. Interesting video, good advise – Thank you.  Glad I found it.  Did you eat the Ding Dong – love em.

  3. Whats weird with a man shopping groceries? I live in northern Europe and her there are just as many men as women in the grocery stores shopping for the family, but unfortunately we don't have as many coupons available, so if your lucky you could save maybe up to 10% in one moment, and those deals are often only available once a month

  4. I think 1 year is best …that way it gives you a chance to grow more the next year. Use a food dehydrator and mylar bags with oxygen obsorbers. Put them in 5 gallon buckets to protect from mice. 1 month 3month 6month 12 month. buy  food in bulk and dehydrate. I shop at Cosco and buy on 1/2 price sales and get 2 

  5. Nice intro.. Yes lots of reasons for preps

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