Survival Skills 101: Clorox!! How to Purify/Disinfect Water.

Survival Skills 101: Clorox!! How to Purify/Disinfect Water.

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A detailed discussion about the benefits and the pitfalls of using Clorox to disinfect/purify/decontaminate water during a disaster scenario. This is generally for water that you get from a tainted outdoor water source or a contaminated city source. It generally won’t be “pure” but it will be “disinfected” from harmful waterborne disease. The World Health Organization estimates that 1.8 Million People a year die from contaminated water!

Remember: It’s important to also have a number of clean containers on hand to hold water. Nothing is more annoying then not having clean containers to hold the water that you worked so hard to disinfect.
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  1. A cold garage is a better place to increase it's shelf life than in a warm house. Keep it in a cold, dark place.

    >Light, heat, organic matter, and the transition metals nickel, copper and manganese accelerate the rate of decomposition of sodium hypochlorite.

  2. Understand this

  3. So I can store tap water from my house in clean containers in my basement for a long time and it won't get stagnant? 

  4. Onur Kaan Aydın

    Hello! Just as an idea, i would suggest iodine crystals dissolved in water. You can mix a teaspoon of crystals in a bottle of water and use just a full cap to disinfect another bottle of water. It can be used for approx. 200L before fully dissolving.

  5. this guy must have very happy neighbors!

  6. A very simple and a great video!! Thaks.

  7. Great video.

  8. Cryptosporidium is highly resistant to chlorination

  9. What if you add too much bleach,will it harm you?

  10. wow I didn't know that bleach only lasts a year…. Thanks Rhino.

  11. you people need to try some of these techniques before you start thinking this Video Maker, everything might look good when you're in your little living room but when you're outdoors and the S has hit the fan, absolutely nothing is going to work right and you're going to be down to just the knife you have in your pocket, before you guys start stocking up on Clorox bleach, try making a little bleach water in your kitchen and just try to survive on bleach water for a week and see if it doesn't tear up your guts, and make the water out of toilet water, and just see how much Clorox bleach toilet water you can stand to drink after about a week and It will tell you right away if this is a good idea or bad idea especially when you get diarrhea from the Clorox and you get stomach cramps in about a week you're going to realize that when you're outdoors in the hot Sun no shelter no heat no cooling, just what a piss poor idea this is it is not a godsend and it is not a blessing, you people need to try some of these techniques at home, why don't you on a Friday night after work go shut off your water to your house and don't turn it back on till Monday morning and then let me know how your weekend went while you're drinking Clorox lake water from the pond in your backyard….

  12. Thnk u! Blessings sent your way in return.

  13. I really enjoy your series of youtubes… very informative!

  14. lawton twocrows

    chlorine doesn't kill crytosporidium and it is one of the most frequent causes of waterborne disease among humans in the United States.

  15. For future videos, aim camera to include entire head.

  16. Nice video!  You're right about pool shock (calcium hypochorite).  It last forever because it's solid.  Bleach has a shelf life so it must be rotated out to keep it useful.

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