Survival Skills 101: Can the Government Confiscate Your Firearm During Martial Law?

Survival Skills 101: Can the Government Confiscate Your Firearm During Martial Law?

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I forgot to mention that if you go to a FEMA camp they will confiscate your firearm.

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  1. if there is a registration U may need to provide ALL FIREARMS or get arrested.

  2. GOVT can do whatever it wants whenever it wants !!!

  3. Essential "Common Sense" about an essential issue of pressing importance. Thank you.

  4. All good as long as its the state that is involved. Marshall law is a federal matter I believe and that changes everything. 

  5. Man I bet they would feed me in those FEMA camps. I would probably get a nice new tattoo too. And sooner or later a nice community bath next to some ovens… HEY WAIT!

  6. ghostrider007ist

    there is no provision in the second amendment that allows government to infringe on the right to keep and bare arms .. there are no conditions . it shall not be infringed .

  7. Like

  8. this guy needs to find a backbone

  9. why isn't the 2nd amendment all I need to keep my firearm? martial law or not? as you say, I would need my firearm the most during martial law…  freedom anywhere to found?

  10. Michael Carouth

    Confiscation Guns was the best tip I saw, but plenty of good info throughout.

  11. Everyone is entitled to opinions, but the fact still remains, that under the 2nd amendment no firearm can be taken from any US citizen. EVER. Your right to keep and bear arms is inalienable, period. The circumstances of the environment surrounding you at the time is entirely inconsequential.

  12. They needed marshal law in Katrina ..they were catching gun fire trying to rescue survivors.. How long did it last? there your answer, to why it went into effect ..Katrina is a poor excuse to throw at the people about marshal law was formed for that reason and it was the right thing to do.. unless you was a thug on the street .I support that decision .Anyone else should to that has compassion for the elderly and disabled..

  13. The day we have to bury our guns, would be the exact same day its time to un-bury them. 

  14. Where did you find that info for your state? I've scoured the net for my state and cant find a thing.

  15. A law is only as powerful as those willing to obey it & is dependent on the enforcers to those who won't.

  16. They way idiots are trading in their guns for a $50 walmart gift card, they won't have too much resistance to it.

  17. shows the ninja turtles the law gets rifle butt to the forehead,and dragged off to the FEMA camp,,, oh well at least they will not go hungry with all the food you stored up for them.

  18. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS. Kill all those who try to take them.

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