Survival Skills 101: BASIC Car First Aid Kit

Survival Skills 101: BASIC Car First Aid Kit

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This is what I carry in my Jeep First Aid Kit. I focus on first aid for camping. I was out camping 32 times this year. Yours might differ depending on what your goals are.

You should always have a car first aid kit along with some latex gloves, bandages and band-aids. I have a smaller first aid kit that is easier to get to in case I come across a car accident. Here are some videos of my other first aid kits.

Squad First Aid Kit

Helping at a Car Accident

Get Home Bag

Downed Operator Kit

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  1. Never ceases to surprise me how many people don't have any type of first aid kit/bag of any kind. Went on a week long camping trip with three other guys last year and between the three of them they didn't have squat other than bandannas.  A week of knives, exes, saws and brush; oh I forgot the camp fire cooking.  My ,F/A bag got a work out .  I now carry 3 tubes of crazy glue not just one.  Remember, if you use it you need to replace it asap!!! 

  2. ManOfMany Thingz

    Very good video I really enjoy your channel

  3. Happy wife, happy camping life. 🙂 

  4. MySurvivalSkills101

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