Survival Skills 101: Backpacking Basics. What to Pack.

Survival Skills 101: Backpacking Basics. What to Pack.

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I said “Car Backpacking” in this video and I called my sleeping bag a backpack. I was delirious when I did this video. Don’t hold it against me .

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  1. Great basics Rhino – thanks for sharing!

  2. Modern Combat and Survival

    Do you know how and what to pack when the time comes?

  3. The symbol in the beginning of the video makes me think of Rocksteady.

  4. Eureka Backpack?! its a sleeping bag isnt it, why would there be a backpack in a backpack lol. at 9:18

  5. What if your a kid and have to cary all of that wate

  6. A real cigar aficionado would pack only wooden matches to light up with, as butane, sulphur and other fuels will degrade the taste of the tobacco.

    Also; was it a joke to imply you would be watching movies & listening to music during teotwawki??? And not utilizing Androids vast library of offline maps, gps applications, survival manuals, edible/medicinal plants guides, signaling/flashlights apps, etc.????

    Otherwise, a decent video, as it foments individual thought, discussion & imagination.

    Not only do i have that exact same Smart Water bottle – the wind blew it down on the floor right as this video began playing. Eep. O.O

  8. Great vid.. I think this is my new favorite channel. Your to funny. 

  9. DIYSurvivalLife

    Great basics Video. 

  10. Kristyanna Virgona

    one Gal of water weights 8.34#'s

  11. Wheres your food?  take water off your pack weight add a good water filter.
    Bugging out you need a way to hunt,fish, & trap.
    Couple of books for wild plants for food & medicine.
    You will need more for survival than whats in a backpack.
    Take all you can to begin with then if something happens you had to get gone quick, the backpack is great.
    If you had time, hide what you had to leave. If you can get back to that area you will have your supplies.

  12. good stuff…

  13. The Rhino Rocks!

  14. Michele Ferguson

    I had to stop this video to go show my husband the part where you call your sleeping bag a backpack…I do that ALL the time and he thinks I'm a crazy person each time I say it. I'm happy to hear someone else say it… Great vid by the way…we love to backpack but we are in North Idaho.

  15. Canadian Prepper

    The idea that being a "bigger guy" determines how much weight one can carry is untrue. Whats more important is body fat percentage, cardiovascular/ endurance capability, strength, agility, all things that are independent of sheer size. For instance someone who is 250 and 25% bodyfat is really only about 190 with 60 lbs of fat, were they to lose some weight then its 25-40 more lbs they could carry. Even the strongest of strongmen/ powerlifters can lift massive weight for minimal reps, but put them in the sun with a 50lb backpack vs a guy who is 150 ripped with same pack and we''ll see who goes the distance. Look at those little people in 3rd world countries carrying all that weight for long distances. Anyways pardon the rant but just wanted to set the record straight on that :)

  16. Rachael Anthony (UrbanAcheiver23)

    Survival Skills 101: Back Packing Basics, What to Pack.

  17. MySurvivalSkills101

    Survival Skills 101: Back Packing Basics, What to Pack.

  18. questions and thoughts
    regarding bugging out vs backpacking

    only 1 pair of shoes and socks temps could range from -15 to +110 f

    which ones?

    proper use of a compass

    you're buggin out but you want to use your home as point "a"

    how should you plot using your (manual) compass

    also what gun(s) shotgun/rifle would you bring and how much ammo?

    knowing that this is all going to be on foot at some point 

    and thanks for the videos

  19. Stephen “tactical mechanic” MacArthur

    Good vid sir Lott of good info thank 

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