Survival Shelter-Thatched Hut Basics

Survival Shelter-Thatched Hut Basics

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Survival Shelter students at the Maine Primitive Skills School build a thatched hut for summer wilderness survial long term conditions.
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  2. shane lancaster

    lay bark over it for more durability

    but this hut is the shit these days

  3. #1 you guys are horrible at filming #1 if you were in a real survival situation you wouldn't have that much twine #3 it took like 3 hours even though you had like 5 people working on it #4 the dry grass would catch fire

  4. Northern Spear C.F - Reviews - Airsoft

    Shit, Maine people are badass

  5. Grest shelter it looks like a lot of work but if your there for 5 or six days it looks very comfortable you could survive in a hut like that for months if nedded 

  6. This may sound stupid, but can you have a fire inside? I'm going to assume no.

  7. good shelter but let's face it; most youtubers can burn water let alone build a shelter.
    You should have taken more time to explain the steps and not just skipped to the end.
    I could make this, but most will just pass.

  8. It's good to learn different types of shelter building. You never know what materials might be available to work with in certain places of the world.

  9. Great shelter in general, but doesn't seem to be the proper type of shelter you want in Maine.  Perfect shelter for warmer climates, but the grass, and constricted airflow makes it impossible to build a fire inside for warmth.  An ember will set the whole thing a blaze, if the fire doesn't exhaust all the oxygen in the shelter first.  Death by fire or asphyxiation… your choice.  Still though… one of the best shelters if you live someplace that doesn't snow or reach deep freezing temperatures.

  10. Tim Philfellinabrook

    If this is primitive skills…where did the string come from?

  11. How much twine do you need?
    How long does the shelter last?
    How water proof is it?

  12. Why not call it what it is – a wigwam?

  13. I live in Dedham maine thats 2 towns away from bangor

  14. this guy reminds me a lot of les stroud

  15. Steve “Skip” C

    loses a little with all the noise from the traffic


    It looks like a gillie suit on a tent and if that is dry grass wouldint it cach fire easy


    It lo

  18. Instead of yapping and pretending to tie things JUST DO IT ! It's a video not a story book !

  19. That's not a survival shelter; that's a survival mansion. :P

  20. Enjoyed watching this video. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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