Survival Shelter In Boston Highway Exit Ramp

Survival Shelter In Boston Highway Exit Ramp

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Survival Shelter In Boston Highway Exit Ramp

Come take a tour of the remains of a really cool survival shelter once inhabited by a hermit outside of Boston, MA! This is actually located inside the clover leaf entrance/exit ramp of a major highway and right behind several restaurants! The amount of “stuff” this guy dragged in is unbelievable. This is not my first time there either. Last time I was there, the shelter was still standing and I checked out the inside. Join me as I show you around and discover how this person may have lived!
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  1. Results from imminent domain

  2. Dan Luckins (Dlucks58)

    Dude what do you think being homeless is? its 24hr survival. that dude who built that IS a survivalist. Just because you dont see it doesnt means its not there. Maybe you should go find out if that guy is still around? if he's dead from exposure or being eaten by a grizzly then he's not much of a survivalist but from the looks of it, you pointed out yourself about 20 different "survivalist" strategies he employed, just before you said he wasnt much of a survivalist

  3. What exit?

  4. welding/fabrication

    this looks like some sort of shit I would have found me brother living in.

  5. Looks like most of things he collected were found items from the roadway ditches.
    There'slots of stuff that fall off of vehicles all the time.

  6. Not a survivalist? Judging by the amount of stuff he'd collected it appears he'd been there quite some time. He was probably unable to get garbage service there, so he probably had a fair amount of trash (to him) lying around that was more than a week old. Think about what you would say about the person used to live in your since collapsed house with all their (your) junk broken and jumbled together with rotting bits of house and forest duff. By your logic you'd dig out the fridge and marvel that the former resident was willing to eat such disgusting rotting food. Although, I'm sure you would ever find any candy in the mess.
    Now, your house is likely built specifically to resist decay for a long time and has plenty of life left, so I imagine that it would take longer to collapse. I'd like to see what your primitive shelter looks like after a year or two of disuse with all that food stored inside. Oh, and I want you to use all salvaged materials which have already begun the natural process of breaking down and rotting in addition to several years of use and maintenance.
    I'd estimate the fireplace to be at least 100 years old. Hard to tell from your footage but it may be a very very old stone fireplace that was remodeled with modern materials for a more civilized look in the late 1800s. You seem to be in a more easterly region which could put "very very old" in the 200-300 year range, while a similarly constructed primitive stone fireplace in my westerly neck of the woods may only be 150 years old. Either way, the area was likely settled by European transplants long before the 1950s highway projects came through.

  7. chek out deez drumz. deya fulla allergy

  8. I think that fireplace probably existed long before the hermit. It was probably a house at one time before the highway. The house fell down leaving the fireplace. The hermit came along and build his home around the fireplace.

  9. vaseline makes a great fire starter, cotton ball + vaseline + spark and you have a flame that will last 5-8 minutes.

  10. I want to know where he is today?

  11. I'm sure this homeless guy that lived there or maybe a couple of them did,. and the cops took them away to a FEMA camp and got killed ,.. I mean were els are the homeless going ,. they made laws not to help them ,.or feed them ,something to that ,.maybe im wrong !!!

  12. Looks like property used to have a house on it. I noticed all the rock walls.

  13. Simon De Belleme

    That thing at 7:04 is a spirit burner for burning methylated spirit.  He would have used it for light and/or heat.  I used to have one in my chemistry set.

  14. waits for Hermit to jump out with a stone hatchet to kill you horror movie style for trespassing, gets disappointed

  15. That was an Amazing Video.
    He may have not have been a Survivalist as you say..?
    I mean no offence by what I am about to say.

    But he was a Survivalist in a Prepper & Survival way?
    The Hermit Made use of what he could find & Scavange, Scrounge, Salvage?
    He Reused, Rebuilt, Recycled & Upcycled.
    He used the stuff he found to build the shelter
    Yes that Fireplace was amazing..
    you could have thought it was left standing from an old wood style cabin not a thrown together Shantytown style shack….
    From the Amount of stuff left lying around?
    You could see he was one who did do some prepping work the few supplies & remains of them?
    As a person who was one homeless & lived on the Streets. I can see that that place would have been a Castle to the person who built it.. I actually had a tear in my Eye to see all the stuff just scattered around the place..
    Oh about all that yarn?
    The Hermit most probably Knew how to Knit & sew.. so could have knitted a lot of their own jumpers & even Blankets.. So the Hermit did have skills in Survival & Prepping…

  16. sam skillington

    Why so many dislikes?

  17. my guess is the fireplace was already there from an old structure..i dont see a homless person going to all that trouble when his other structure was so fragile.

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