Survival Shelter- Basic Scout Pit

Survival Shelter- Basic Scout Pit

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Check our other shelters at or Visit us online at At the Scout Basic course build a survival shelter emphasizing low profile.
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  1. they claim that the sun flare us. set things on fire.
    you'll need Volcanic Rock as the last cover.
    I not doing anything. my husband and son have medical issues.
    Born again in and through Christ Blood.

  2. kitrinoKangouro 0

    good!! but the camera of nokia 3310 is not so good

  3. what about rain not good planning

  4. I know why yo striped bark off you're beams but aren't you defeating the purpose buy covering it with bark

  5. ps. see how fast the negative ppl. perish when they run out of ammo, let's see how their jungle skills will help. cause frankly iam betting none of them survive, if they depend on skill. their all gonna DIE.

  6. great job guys. don't listen to the negative comments. pplthink that they know everything. their the ones who will probably perish first.

  7. ps. Looks like a Good pit to hunt from … Shoot at deer, boar, turkeys, rabbits pheasants or set a trap n pull string as the animal passes!

  8. I like the concept but I would try and dig this pit on a hillside or slope with a drainage hole, at the bottom of the pit, going down and out lower down the slope, otherwise the pit will just become a pond in rainy weather. Also the bark would have been better layed at right angles to the cross beams ,so it doesn't curl under through the gaps as it was doing. Great video though, thanks!

  9. I got teached to do this kind of stuff at a hunting class (in Finland you need to take classes) so you dont need a navy seal to teach you this

  10. You need to run the tree bark perpendictual to the timber and put a slope on it so water drains off.

  11. The scout pit should be taught to people who are also trained in the scout code and way of life, this is irresponsible to share in some aspects, but I enjoyed it fully as being a student of Toms who also learned it there. Nice video.

  12. Joe T. Baggerly

    Anybody who thinks this will work is an idiot.
    Also, if it rains this hole will fill up with water/mud.
    There is NO WAY to make this work without a waterproof liner of some kind
    and a roof big enough to shed water and direct it away for at least a foot
    bigger than the hole.

  13. it does, tks

  14. So people pay to come and do this ?? If so how much I live here in maine.

  15. phillyphilhouse79

    This shelter is straight out of the movie The Hunted or Red Dawn (1984 version) in that scene where they popped up out of the ground and shot those Russkies chasing one of the girls.

  16. Always carry a shovel with you when in the woods—Rope—lighters—matches—rifle — 10 x 10 tarp …..a shovel…… in cold weather you can dig  a 6'  X  3 '  by 12 " deep hole in the ground and fill the ground with green branches—cover the top with branches and you got a shelter….Or look for a ditch and do the same process, you don't have to dig in the cold ground….

    Another  easy emergency shelter is a TEE-PEE  3 –4—5 –6 branches 4–6 inches thick and with string around the top of the logs  you have fast tee—pee shelter —all you have to do is put the tarp around the logs—or—branches  tie the tarp with strings —-put branches on the ground and you are protected from the winter.. Easy survival shelter.

  17. Who does this kind of work in flip flops?

  18. Thanks for the upload! That's the beauty of having a human brain, if you see something that doesn't work for your environment/situation/liking you can get off your backside and change it. Most armies have some form of semi/covered fox hole or trench designed to live in for a few days or longer, there's also shelters designed to avoid capture and they both have common features with your shelter so I think yours is a very good starting point and people can then use their own intelligence and ingenuity to change or improve it.

  19. How well would this work in the winter for someone who was homeless?

  20. So you'll have the time and resources to construct all of this?  Plus if it rains, and you are in there you are out of luck, which then you just wasted all that energy building the temporary shelter, to have all of your things wet from the rain.  Oh wait not to mention someone could be searching for you and if you are in there you wont be seen or maybe even get ran over.  I like the idea just doesn't seem to work well if you think about it a little bit.

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