Survival School: Start a Fire with Your Cell Phone

Survival School: Start a Fire with Your Cell Phone

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Editor in Chief Jon Dorn shows you how to get a fire going with nothing but your cellphone, a piece of steel wool, and some tinder.
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  1. OÜ Living Fire

    Võtke telefon alati metsa kaasa, isegi kui levi ei ole.

  2. so why is it u cant have a phone on when your getting petro in your car  ??????

  3. Or just buy the new Samsung phone they catch on fire at random!

  4. Who the fuck is going to have a brillo pad? 

  5. How do I take out the battery on the Iphone?

  6. for those that say "call for help dumbass" there are spots with no reception…so if it's getting dark and extremely cold and a fire is needed then this is one way to get around that since without reception the phone is useless temporarily anyway…and perhaps the next day he could hike up somewhere and see if he gets any signal if the battery still works D: 

  7. David Bradstreet

    'scuse me.  How to start a fire with A BATTERY!

  8. You can also use the cell phone to call some one to bring you matches.

  9. AskMommaChannel

    Is that white powder diatomaceous earth?

  10. did you know a 9volt battery will do the same thing

  11. only if there is enough charge to heat the steel wool. May not be enough to run your phone AND if your phone has power, check for signal first. Best to call in air support instead of using your last communications device as kindling.

    In worse case scenarios however, it's always good to know of different ways to get a fire going. Take it as just more info inyour head. You REALLY didn't need to know about the casues of the war of 1812 did you? But it's there.

  12. don't need steel wool you can use the wires inside the phone. steel wool is just optimal. and tinder is EVERYWHERE.

  13. Wait abrillo pad or what is that besides steel wool

  14. Yea really

  15. Useful tip

  16. yeah, because everyone has steel wool and water tinder in their pocket when they get lost and need to start a fire to survive….

  17. hey cool vid! anyone into outdoors check out my "Adventure Guy" vids on my channel! looking for subscribers also!

  18. so will it work even tho the batter reed is out?

  19. Next, he's going to show us how to cook a goose… step 1, chase it away..

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