Survival QUICK TIP #1 – What is 550 Paracord & How Can It Save Your Life? – Paracord Basics

Survival QUICK TIP #1 – What is 550 Paracord & How Can It Save Your Life? – Paracord Basics

- in Survival Basics

So what’s the big deal with Paracord anyway? The answer is simple and it can save your life. In this NEW video from we’ll answer the question, “What is Paracord?” and look at why 550 para cord should be in your Bug Out Bag, emergency kit or backpack.

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  1. Gewgulkan Suhckitt

    SAFETY NOTE HERE: 550 pounds is the static load. Nothing wrong with that of course, just make sure you don't use it for climbing unless you absolutely have to. If you climb with it and fall and pick up a little bit of speed, when the cord snaps tight, it may be with considerably more than 550 pounds of force. The 550 cord can snap like a thread with a 150 pound person on it. If you can avoid picking up speed like I just described, you can climb on it of course assuming you can find a way to grip it. If you tie loops in it for sticking your hands and feet in for climbing, be aware that knots reduce the load bearing strength of any rope or cord. Some knots do this much more than others, so it's good to know proper climbing knots which have minimal effect on rope strength.

    Don't get me wrong. I love paracord. I just hate to see someone get hurt because they didn't know what the 550 entails.

    And, as another poster below pointed out, lots of stuff labelled paracord isn't really 550 paracord. There's a 750 paracord as well. I'd provide a link, but YouTube won't let me paste in the comments section for some reason. is a good website to visit.

  2. I knew paracord was good but not that good… Holy crap!

  3. can you do a review of the sharp-n-spark by sharpensbest

  4. i totally agree

  5. 250 kolograms.holy moly

  6. What you have here isn't a MilSpec Paracord. It's a so called "commercial" paracord that doesn't meed military specifications. An each of 7 (or 8 or 9, but not less then 7) inner yarns of MilSpec paracord consists of three, not two inside strands. If there are only two inside strands it's not a MilSpec paracord. Also, if there's no colored ID marker strand (one of those 7), it's not a MilSpec paracord. What's the difference? A MilSpec paracord meets the Military Specification C-5040H and with it you know exactly what you got. A commercial 550 paracord doesn't actually meet the Military Specification C-5040H and you never know what you got and you don't know is the quality of such paracord.

  7. I totally agree that good paracord is wonderful. But nylon cord is also quite adequate as tiedowns. I've used it for years before I ever heard of paracord. Using good paracord for less than survival situations is wasteful when plain old nylon cord is perfectly OK. I have lots of paracord, but plain old nylon cord is much cheaper and quite suitable for many uses.

  8. whats with half this vid being a commerical?

  9. What's with the porno music?

  10. The british paracord of SAS(Special Air Service)has 8 yard and each one 3 smaller yards,so…

  11. Crazy Confenenation Conformer

    What are some survival knotes that i can do with paracod

  12. Hey bro, good video. I've seen very few that think of the inner strands as usable cord. So I've included some additional info for you and your viewers. and true mil para cord has 9 strands btw that are called runners, one black and one white or clear. the black is for sewing and the other for fishing or even dental floss. the other 7 strands are 3 strands that can be broken as well, and finally even the outer sheath can be broken down, that gives an additional 32 strands, all usable. all strands can be broken down even further but it gets rather tedious to do so. just thought I'd add that in for you.
    Here is the tensile strength breakdown of 550 Paracord:
    Outside Sheath – 305 lbs
    Inner Strand – 35 lbs each x 7 strands
    inner strand individual strength 16-18 lbs x 3
    Outer sheath strands – 8-11 lbs x 32
    Total Strength – 550 lbs

  13. Dominic Laufenberg

    Paracord is my religion 

  14. Can you make a video on how you make snares with paracord and snare wire. I'd like to learn the two different ways to make snares.

  15. George Crabtree

    Just letting you know that the constant converting of U.S. to Metric is very distracting. I'm viewing this from America, please use American measurements.

  16. I assume para is short for parachute.. Any thing made for the safety of parachutists has got to be top strength and quality.. Didn't know how it is put together.. Thanks for the great tips..

  17. ZombieFighterOf1987

    I don't like people who treat 550 like it's the best thing since (insert generic awesome thing), seriously i've seen people on YT who act like paracord is more important than a knife.

  18. where do i buy good parachord?

  19. Stevo “Stevo420Weed” E.

    I carry a 100 ft when I hike along with a couple 660lb rated locking chain links in case I need to repel down a cliffside and save a fellow hiker. Each person in my group has the same setup, so for each person, we can add more length or double up to increase the load. Parachute chord is amazing. We use the chain links as makeshift climbing carabiners and with multiple ones we can rig a decent pully system. Total field weight is less than 1/2 a pound. It is a must have. I have hung midair from one 550 paracord and I weigh 180lbs. I was able to swing it too and it had zero breakage. 

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