Survival Quest – Full Uncut Episode

Survival Quest – Full Uncut Episode

- in Survival In Mountains

‘Cougar’ Phil spends 6 days in the wilderness with only a few basic survival tools. See how he handles the cold, calorie deficits and the loneliness.
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  1. It would be warmer up in the trees, away from the stream, in a snugger hut between the big logs.

  2. music was too loud. else i enjoyed the video very much. very good quality and nice insights. really interesting. thx.

  3. what an honest video, really enjoyed watching.

  4. Well made video guys! Take care, Joachim

  5. FatGuysFitnessForum

    great video brother

  6. Good video. Thank you for making and posting – Martin

  7. moss man! thumbs up dood! great shots..make more.

  8. Alexander Zatserkovniy

    Great video! What state in the USA is that?

  9. Great video. Hope you do more like this.

  10. awesome video hope you do many more !

  11. Joseph Mountford

    Good video

  12. Jeffrey Campbell

    Really good stuff.   Would love to see more!

  13. hartstudebakerkid

    You could clearly see the logged area which means logging road and a way out.  Make a compass out of a stick to get oriented,  You would have caught more fish if you had attached your line to a long stick.  Green wood makes smoke which drives off bugs and attracts attention.  If you dad carved a notch in a saved stick every day you would have been able to track your days and not thought you had been there for none days.

  14. you should make another one

  15. Please make another!!!! Also, MOSS MAN COMETH

  16. skullskateskater

    I loved everything about this video. It's a true and honest video. Well done.

  17. Arlie Ferdiansyah

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. this should have way more views

  19. What camera did you use?

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