Survival Plan~ Wallace and Rachel Faagutu

Survival Plan~ Wallace and Rachel Faagutu

- in Survival Basics

by Wallace and Rachel Faagute
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  1. who can give me the lyrics, please?

  2. this is my new battle song! I listen to it before I pray!

  3. I'm loving it. We should be singing these love songs in church.

  4. Phenomenal… received this as a BIRTHDAY gift… STUNNINGly GLOW-RAY-iUS THANK u for posting this!   Praises be to JAH JESUS CHRIST THE MOST HIGH!

  5. My new favorite worship song…I listen to it over and over.  Your video is absolutely amazing!!

  6. Pure beauty! <3 love love love

  7. I love this song so much but please do buy the album so this people can continue to create beautiful music for all to enjoy n worship all at the same time 

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