Survival Plan (Live) – Rachel & Wallace Faagutu

Survival Plan (Live) – Rachel & Wallace Faagutu

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Forerunner Music’s GMA Dove Award nominated album Onething Live: Sing Your Praises is out now! Download it at or get the CD at

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  1. do they have a cd cause i want it

  2. beautiful song

  3. beautiful song

  4. Yeeeessss! It's great! Glod bless everybody!!!!

  5. Margaret Stobieniecka

    God is awesome. beautiful song

  6. I love this Reggae worship!!!!!!

  7. Incredible…

  8. I loveee This Song , bless you guys

  9. erik van niekerk

    bethel church people…………..? sigh.

  10. Could anyone please post the lyrics of the song? I'm not a native English speaker and I can't get some words 🙁 Thank you!

  11. Rafael Carbajal

    God Bless you!!!

  12. Too fabulous for words! Bless you!

  13. You feed my hungry & weary soul!

  14. Loved the song ! Praise God

  15. Love love love these guys. such a fun vibe and lyrics that peirce the heart

  16. the words of this song…

  17. wow!!!

  18. DivineFlowCreation

    LOVE IT ! LOVE IT ! lOVE IT !!!!!!  awesome powerful lyrics ! was extremely blessed !  make more !!

  19. I want this on cd or download it someway! amazing $

  20. I love how our Lord can use so many different genres for His good! This has uplifted me during a time of discouragement.

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