Survival Mountain Overnight & Alpenlore Belt/HD

Survival Mountain Overnight & Alpenlore Belt/HD

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I took a Solo Mountain Trip Overnight high up over 2’200 meter only with my basic survival equipment on my Alpenlore Rescue Belt. With heavy rain at night conditions were difficult.
I set up my shelter with a space blanket and poncho and use a tuna can as water cooker. This night reminds me that survival starts in our heads and is depending on our attitude.

Survival Mountain Overnight and Alpenlore Rescue Survival Belt
HD Bushcraft Survival Video
Taromovies Bushcraft – Outdoor – Survival

Sound and Music: “Solar_Flares” youtube Kreativ Tools

Hi my name is Taro and I am interested in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation. Sharing my opinions and experience here on my youtube channel “Taromovies”

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Website for Bushcraft and Survival Courses:
Swiss Bushcraft:

Used Equipment:
Belt: Alpenlore Rescue-Survival-First Aid Belt
Knife: Fallkniven S1
Tarp: East German Army NVA 175x175cm


  1. Nichts für ungut aber das sieht für mich eher nach Camping aus als nach Survival unter Survival verstehe ich dass man ungeplant in eine Situation kommt in der man überleben muss und da hat man in der Regel nicht diese ganze Ausrüstung aber die Idee den Tunfisch als als Brennstoff zu benutzen sehe ich zum ersten mal, super Video ^^

  2. Outlander Bushcraft

    Hello taro,good stuff as always cheers atb Martin

  3. Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft

    Thanks so much to your all for watching the video, all the very kind comments and your wonderful support to my channel. You'll find some more information about the video in the description box below. If you have some more questions to this video, please post it on my latest one or send me a message, so i'll can give you a response. all the best, Taro

  4. so u have a portable meat and milk. sweet.

  5. Always interesting when you put a plan into action and a small thing you couldn't foresee means it goes wrong. I've no doubt you had figured out a way around these problems by the time you got home and put it into action the next time!! Thanks for the video!!1

  6. US Army issue poncho. I learned how valuable a tool it is when in the Army. I never leave home without one. If I have a poncho, a good knife, a fire steel, a metal water container, and some paracord, I can survive anywhere indefinitely. Those 5 items are very compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.  Throw in a small compass, a signal mirror, and a whistle, and you are well equipped to survive in the wilderness, and they can all be carried in pockets.

  7. but what about zombies? or even cow zombies?

  8. You should have had a steak…plenty of cows.

  9. Hey Taro, that was a good video. I like your cow companions. They looked at you quit curious, You did a good job of staying warm enough to survive. Thank you.

  10. Your positive attitude gets you through a lot of uncomfortable situations Taro.

  11. Your right Taro, staying alive in adverse conditions sometimes is "the will to stay alive".

  12. why don't you get a tent?..

  13. Hermes Trismegistus

    Hello! Subscribed your channel! Great videos. 🙂 I love the survival life! Have a good day my friend and thanks for your educating videos. -Special forces guy here

  14. I gotta tell you I love your videos

  15. Beter om te testen in niet zo goede omstandigheden denk ik.

  16. well hell at least there is plenty of meat wandering around! It would be a dream come true in a real survival situation to have a couple cows wander into your camp.

  17. Why not eat your food with a knife. LIKE A REAL MAN WOULD

  18. What was that you ate from tin, I noticed you set fire to tissue at top first?

  19. Photographe Nomade

    Oh dude ! What a bad night ! You've got some very amazing landscapes in Switzerland !
    Nice video, and you right, survive is a big part in the head 😉
    See you my friend

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