Survival Kits 101: The 10 Items YOU Should Have At A MINIMUM

Survival Kits 101: The 10 Items YOU Should Have At A MINIMUM

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Making a survival kit can be fun! But forgetting to pack necessary items can be the difference between weather or not you survive!
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Featured American-made survival items by small businesses:
Magnesium Fire Starter w/Compass:
Ultralight Cooking Kit:
Military Paracord Bracelets:
Breacher Pry Bar:
R.A.T.S. Tourniquet:

Amazon Store:

Other items:
“Trucker’s Friend” Demolition Tool:

Tactical Flashlight:

Schrade Fixed blade:

Survival Chainsaw:
Mora Companion Bushcraft Knife:

Victorinox “Farmer” Swiss Army Knife:

Emergency Food Bar:

Emergency Food Ration Bar:

Emergency Drinking Water:

Water Canteen:–Olive-Drab_p_72.html

Water Purification Tablets:

Water Filtration Straw:–30-Gallon-Water-Filter_p_58.html

Esbit Pocket Stove:

Smith & Wesson Boot Knife:–Black_p_124.html


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Bugout Bag:
Altoids Survival Kit:
Zombie Survival Kit:
EDC Bag / Survival Kit:
Top 5 Swiss Army Knives:
Best Budget EDC Knives:
Best EDC Flashlights:

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  1. I always said " if I need a something to eat I always have a pet"

  2. thehotsung8701A

    Ugh, what about condoms?

  3. There are a lot of components to survival.
    One plan I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Survivor Crusher System
    (google it if you're interested) definately the most helpful survival website that I've seen.
    look at the super free video.

  4. And my trusty travel bag

  5. For my kit I have o swim army tool a hunting knife a drink bottle another knife for cutting food some rope a first aid kit a towel a blanket and a nice hatchet

  6. Good items and video

  7. all u need is food and fire and cover for urban city

  8. you must got a zippo in the survival kit

  9. Admiral Preparedness

    Well thought out. Excellent video. Prepare for the worst. Pray it does not happen.


  10. A very personal android

    who was thinking of the weapon model girl of zombie go boom when he was showing off the axe? XD

  11. There are a lot of components to prepping. One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Survivor Crusher System (google it if you're interested) definately the most useful survival website i've seen.look at the interesting free video.

  12. Kim-Lee Martel (Kame)

    fucking volume fiddling bullshit maks this unwatchable.

  13. The Master's Back Again

    add a high volt burning laser it would be better than a lighter or so what because if you want to pluck an apple from tree you point the laser at apple's aaaaaaaaa what thats called yes that is the stick where apple is hanging so you can do this with ony a burning laser

    sorry for my bad english

  14. Gallon of toothpaste?

  15. Toilet paper is useless and so is money in a. Zombie apocalyptic situation!!

  16. Average Joe Survival

    Nice! I've got to check out that 'Truckers' Friend'!

  17. Николай Лукманов

    What tactical knife with tanto is on 0:15 on right bottom corner? Sry for my eng. 

  18. ManOfMany Thingz

    great video dude

  19. Great video here thank you for sharing! Just subscribed I can't wait to see more from you.

  20. Vladislav Djordjevic

    Exelent video. Nice tips !

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