Survival Kit: The perfect lightweight survival kit (Wilderness survival, survival skills)

Survival Kit: The perfect lightweight survival kit (Wilderness survival, survival skills)

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Survival Kit: The perfect lightweight survival kit (Wilderness survival, survival skills)

This survival kit is a basic kit designed to be carried whenever you venture into the wild. It is lightweight and will help you start a fire build a shelter and find food. more info on survival kits can be found at


  1. wonder if she likes tubesteak,she might keep me warm for a couple of hours if im lost on the ski slope if so.

  2. Amateurish drivel. Just goes to show that any moron can use a camera and post on youtube. This whole "survival" bandwagon is getting really old. I can't wait until it dies and the wannabes move onto something else!

  3. shes definelty not serious 😀 omg my chest hurts

  4. More women need to be like you Peak, and teach young people, boys and girls, so this ancient knowledge does not die out into the modern day where it still essential to know survival techniques.

  5. That's not a bad idea! I would take it a few levels higher though, you never know what could happen. Especially in the times we are living in! My son and I each have a bug out bag with enough supplies to stay alive at least 2 years. And if you take care of the things you've provided they can last longer, with the exception of ammo, magnesium blocks, etc. And it only cost me about $600.00, compared to dying, that's a very small price to pay. Even if your as poor as us, just spend $20.00 a week or every two weeks. Survival is the most important thing! 

  6. She's clueless.

  7. You got lost skiing… LOL I understand why watching your video…

    You clearly shouldn't be posting misleading videos about sirvival. You might get someone killed.

  8. where is your cordage?  where is your knife?  where is your first aid? where is your fire tender?
    no offence but you really should look at your kit again there is so much room left in your tin there is no reason not to fill it up  with things that will actully be able to save your life in more than 1 way !

  9. Gary “Big Sky Outdoorsman” Britton

    I have only ONE Question…Have you used EVERY item in your kit to stay dehydrated, built a fire, built shelter, and built signals for rescue???  If not, you may want to try and then rebuild your kit.

  10. Do you think you have knowledge to help with economical issues?

  11. I'm gonna need some bandaids, aspirin, and Tums ultra 1000 

  12. Very pretty.

  13. I'm convinced no one on YouTube actually understands outdoor survival. First off, in the lower 48 the vast majority of lost hikers/hunters/skiers are either found by SAR or walk out on their own within 72 hours. In that situation your primary needs are protection from weather (hypothermia) and multiple methods of signaling your rescuers both day and night. This woman's kit contained worthless items like fishing tackle and snare wire (a person can easily go a week without food). But she had NO alternate fire starting such as a Bic lighter/storm matches and tinder, NO whistle or small flashlight to signal rescuers, NO compass so she could navigate on a straight bearing, NO space blanket or poncho to protect herself from weather, NO cordage, and NOT even a small knife! Does she really think she's prepared to survive even one night in the woods?

  14. I like what you do with your fringe dear lady.

  15. Just the idea that you DO NEED A KIT is worth the video. The fact that she has a ferro-cerium rod makes it worthwhile. A couple of quart, heat proof baggies would be a great add. Carrying your cell phone (iPhone with GPS) could save your life. A hank of #36 Bank Line could make things safer.

  16. forestwalker bushcraft

    my opinion about her ,,perfect lightweight survival kit''
    it is better than nothing, but some of the stuff in that box is just rubbish.
    a pocket knife and a cheap lighter could be more useful than this kit.

  17. I have a Gerber Crucial multi-tool that would probably fit in that tin as well as those other supplies…..

  18. Can u do a video of how to makeca shelter pls

  19. she looks like a cat

  20. No ring on her finger…..seems like it's time to make a move lol

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