Survival in the Amazon Rainforest

Survival in the Amazon Rainforest

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I spent four days on a survival course in the Amazon jungle with an Indian guide named Valdemar. I learned which vines contain drinkable water, which wood can be used for cooking or making a bow, which wood burns, where to find edible roots and palm hearts and how to fish with a bow and spear.

I took with me only a camera, a machete, a mosquito net and some bug spray. After that Valdemar showed me where to get food and water in the jungle. We caught an enormous cat fish and cooked it in bamboo stalks.

In this video I even follow the tracks of a jaguar!

The video was filmed in Madidi National Park in Northern Bolivia.
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  1. Bush Camping Tools

    Love the scary music. I was half expecting a "Predator" to leap out.  Check out my channel too re survival in jungle environments, including the Palm heart action LOL.

  2. I'm just waiting for those fucktards stop fucking up our precious Amazon, Jeez Brazilian bitches

  3. Neat video I probably wont make it there, thanks for sharing. The fish looked tasty, I like that they use plants and herbs, that is one thing Id love to learn! Mainly for healing and magic too. 5:58 see on the tree, that is the biggest ant ever, hence why Ill be going to Norway, Iceland or Germany for my travels. Skol and blessed be.

  4. How can I do something like this?

  5. wish i could do that…and stay in the amazon :)

  6. I was diggin the video….except the part where you ate catfish….so gross. 

    Leviticus 11:12 Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.

    I bet there is tons of edible vegetation out there….you prob dont even have to eat meat to survive.

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