Survival Hike- One of your best survival tools…

Survival Hike- One of your best survival tools…

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In this episode I decided to take my camera with me on one of my hikes. I discover a fresh water source, and I utilize twigs from a certain tree to make a refreshing tea.


  1. It looks so peaceful, I'm reminded of why I love your channel. Have a good day. Beautiful scenery.

  2. While you were eating, you looked like you heard something. my first thought was bears that may have picked up the scent. were you concerned.? good vid.

  3. Great Video Sir. I enjoyed it a lot. We have property in Halliburton Ontario. Its close to Huntsville. Was this taken in Ontario as the woods and trees look very similar.

  4. I would love to live in Canada. We have very little untouched nature here in Danmark, and its very hard to walk just a few kilometers without seeing houses or people. Great video btw. Peace out.

  5. It's really cool and brave life. I like your birch tea and egg a lot, look delicious! Wait to see more video from you ^-^

  6. Excellent video.!   Living the dream in the wilderness by the camp fire.  Fantastic stuff.   

  7. You sound like lord drac

  8. Caleb Martensen

    You should do a video on how u made ur stove my brother made me one like that I think their called pennie stoves correct me if im wrong

  9. Caleb Martensen

    Kinda like alfiastistics

  10. What do you use for fuel for your stove? 

  11. You made a really cool survival stove. I have tried make some but I find it easier to use one from REI. I'm lazy but that stove is killer man. God bless

  12. NTycingProductions

    Very cool video. Looks like the perfect spot to be in the woods.

  13. Nice! What was the song? Reminds me of the band Explosions in the Sky.

    God bless.

  14. Hope to see more videos from you :)

  15. I would love to see a video of you showing us to make a primitive weapon (like a bow and arrows) out of a knife.

  16. Was that just an oil burner?

  17. Does it get any better than this? Enjoying nature in all its splendor. God is good.  Really enjoyed the video.

  18. are you using a shotgun mic for camcorders, or was that from the cam itself? i figured that it would have been a shotgun mic cuz the sound was definitely directional.

  19. What a relaxing video. Loved it.

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