Survival Gardening Part 1 peak oil, food storage, prepper, survivalist, economic collapse, doomsday

Survival Gardening Part 1 peak oil, food storage, prepper, survivalist, economic collapse, doomsday

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In a new series of video we discuss and will show methods of gardening “when it counts.” The first 3 short videos detail some of the pitfalls and perils to the common survival/preparedness thinking of “when my storage food runs out I’ll just grow a garden.” Intermixed throughout the first three videos are also invaluable tips on gardening and food production for the homestead, survival retreat or backyard in suburbia. The first step in planning to truly grow your own food is to recognize the factors working AGAINST you, so you can plan accordingly. If your interested in being able to feed yourself from your own labor either now or after an economic collapse, peak oil, etc. then you should view these video.

Prepare, preparedness, survival, survivalist, peak oil, economic collapse, war, terrorism

Survival Gardening Basics Part 1
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  2. There is a learning curve to gardening and it changes just about every year. I had to do the garden this year all by myself, I am a strong women and it has been a bitch. My tomatoes and peppers wouldn't germinate for some unknown reason, not the usual, my tomatoes always grow well. You will have years when nothing seems to grow or get pollinated, etcetera. You have to know how to save seeds and do it right or they will not germinate for next yea. Some seeds get old quickly and won't last but two years, you get the point. If you plan on surviving on a garden, get started learning NOW. Geez, I could go on and on. You need to learn how to compost very well and have rabbits or chickens for the compost and manure. Get in touch with your local extension office and learn how to garden and can your food.

  3. do a youtube search for "Peak Oil: Organic Garden"

  4. What is it? Where can I see it? I would love to ask you some questions

  5. Plant a wide border around ur garden with Nettle
    Can also interplant with tomatoes, climbing beans or any tall plants
    Harvest Nettle throughout season, raw, steamed, fresh or dry leaf tea or extract oil for shampoo's
    Be surprised amount of vitamins, & medical uses for Nettle
    Like a basic house thief, deterrents prevent the thief looking for an easy target & will more then likely pass on ur place for someplace where it's less hassle, less work & less burning itch lol

  6. motivatedinohio

    Growing a garden is the best thing that a person can do for their own and families health. Canning is something that everyone should know how to do also. The quality of the produce is much better when it is home grown.

  7. Crystal Tweeboom

    Ah yes, the Shhhh, tchk, tchk, tchk, type sprinklers! I am familiar with those.

  8. I would plant a row of corn and then a row of beans. The beans put the nitrogen back into the ground. Or rotate your corn and beans as we do here in Iowa. Peace.

  9. great so see how easily you can put aspects of permaculture into practice by just putting two plants together like that! can you make a recommendation what to put together with potatoes?

  10. Good advise, Spouting is also a good addition to this.

  11. @441rider Retarded drunk comments like this shouldn't make anyone wonder why so many people are fed up with youtube. Damn, and here I thought "guns or gold" would save my "mutant post-Fukushima arse" Guess I need a new plan…. Thanks so much for the awesome effort and well thought out comment!

  12. Grow corn it is easier to hide in when the gorrillas on horses try to net your mutant post-Fukushima ass. No guns or gold are going to save ya from isotopes in soil and rain.

  13. @au46tro9 Perfect example of people speaking out of their own perspective. Yes using just urine might work on a 4'x4' raised bed growing some corn. Are you going to have enough urine to fertilize a 1/4 acre? And being that we are talking about SURVIVAL gardening- are you going to be able to risk the heavy SMELL of that much urine? Think that won't be a security risk? Your darn right that will be a security risk in the PAW.

  14. I don`t understand your point of view on the problem, not getting enough amonium nitrat for the plants, if you don`t have chemial fertilizers. Urine is free, and dilluted in to som kind of irrigation system it will sirve perfectly for that purpose. It has been done for thousands of years.

  15. I like your demonstration of the problems created by lack of experience with gardening. I agree crop selection is very important for survival. What crops provide food after some disaster very much depends on them being suited to the conditions you can provide. Sunchoke is a high yielding, pest tolerent and low maintenance crop. Other crops also have potential to crop productively in adverse conditions. I would like to start a charity to develop a seed bank of these potential catch crops.

  16. hey if you added compost or compost tea, would that not be a good enough innoculent for adding bacteria?

  17. paulineprojectlove

    If everyone has a victory garden (and everyone should be starting right now as the videographer says) that will reduce the need for people to go robbing other's stores of food. Also plant fruit and nut trees NOW for your zone that will provide a reliable yearly crop of vitamin C and protein even if there is a problem with seed crops. The oil has peaked, so the sooner you get these trees delivered, your gardens planted and the knowledge embedded in your brains, the better off your kids will be.

  18. I love the "face reality" aspect of your video's. I practice permagardening. the nice thing about that it is NO need for pesticides or man made fertilizers.
    You can even use a "chicken tractor" for loosening soil and such.
    What's really great about pg is that it's very, very low maintenance once you get it established. It's really great for those with less than green thumbs as the set up is the hard part, the growing is the easy part.

  19. I have thought of that very thing .some one stealing food out of my garden.I solved that problem with Dogs.also
    I put in different place shotgun shells in the walk pathes.step on one and "BANG"!! you loose a foot

  20. @marcjtdc I was talking 150 miles in relation to MASSES of people, not 3 or 4 that will be busy guarding their own places. How do you figure someone won't be "detected" in full moon or rainstorm? I think you should research some of the options that are/were available for perimeter protection. Most are in no way affected by either "rain" or "full moon." I'm NOT talking about some hookey can with BB's in them on strings type deal, I'm talking about real perimeter alarms.

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