Survival For The Poor Food Basics

Survival For The Poor Food Basics

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These are the necessary items I recomend for your survival stock. Everty item shown is cheap and easy to find. THE END IS NEAR. PLAN ACCORDINGLY.


  1. William o'brien

    vodka fuck yeah  about 2 lt 's for minimum  survival should  do it.

  2. hollywoodjack17

    Sea Salt has more minerals and such. I quit eating pork and mostly cook at home, as you don't know who's cooking your food at burger Town!

  3. Hahaha! Truth rocks!

  4. spam balling

  5. seems like your rich

  6. "For our meat group, Spam. Has an awesome shelf life, last forever, its real meat … hopefully, we don't really know." I've got tears rolling down my face I'm laughing so hard. Great video kid … and don't worry about the Spam, it doesn't taste bad and if WWII soldiers and their kids could survive on it … so can you. I've had many a Spam sammiches.

  7. why no powdered eggs? would go great fried up with some spam.

  8. actually damper, that thing from australia, is made as a disc loaf and cooked either in a dutch oven, or directly on the hot coals of a fire.

    the sausage on a stick method is just for every tourist or schoolkid on a camp to "have a go".

  9. "i bought these pasta because they are three flavours, spinach, tomatoe … lol…. that too is a luxury and much more expensive than the basic pasta. … The added remark that you don't need pasta sauce when you eat those is a tat over the top as well, i believe. You really think a poor person has money to buy sauces? They are expensive and a poor person will prefer to buy a couple of kilos of potatoes or so over one pot of sauce…

  10. where i live, milk powder and beans are expensive. If you have money to buy several products out of each of your categories, believe me, you are NOT poor. :)).

  11. Andrzej Jęziorski

    There is also proof that actually vitamins taken in such form of pills don't work at all. Research if you've got disbelief. I invite you to me: xernt com / p1 #diet

  12. Andrzej Jęziorski

    Very good video, LEATHERMAN Sidekick & steel cup for boiling water should also be a necessary (maybe some water purification kit). However, you should also store water in 5l bottles.

  13. In survival situation clean water would be of premium value. Unless u are camping out near a stream, u would be conserving water as your top most priority. Dry beans use lots of water, therefore not a good idea. Substitute dry with canned. The expiration may be an issue,but then atleast its instant food.

  14. your foods expired..

  15. Good Vid — Hey,Open A Can Of Spam,Slice it And Fry It Up, you Will be suprised How Good It Is With Some Eggs !!!

  16. Save the vodka as a medinal and for disinfecting wounds, don't just drink it up.

  17. fuck you spam is awesome on its own. jk, but seriously if your not watching your salt intake spam is a good one a week meal.

  18. vodka can help start a fire lol

  19. Vitamins by themselves won't give you energy. You need carbs and protein for that brother. The booze is a very good idea for many reasons, the least of which is barter!

  20. Vitamins by themselves won't give you energy. You need carbs and protein for that brother.

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