Survival Food – Taste Testing Mountain House Meals!

Survival Food – Taste Testing Mountain House Meals!

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In this video I taste test many varieties of ‘backpacking freeze-dried foods’.
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  1. How to Make Pemmican The Ultimate Survival Food. go here

  2. Good review. Sad to see eggs haven't changed in 30 years.

  3. Of course they tell you they tried some from 30 years ago that's called good marketing with a lot of fraudulent claims. For all you emergency food hordes and preppers you'd need to spend 50 bucks a day per person to sustain a 2000 calorie diet… Think about that for awhile. Biggest waste of money.

  4. Brandon Williams

    go hike all day and those eggs are orgasmic

  5. PawneeStrider74a

    When we sampled the various meals; the Breakfast Skillets was one of our favorites; I put in a little more really boiling water from a stove than the package called for and let it set for longer than called for; it was not soupy like yours; we had MRE tortillas and added Paces Picante sauce for tacos; we thought they were excellent, eh? We thought it was great but, then I have 30 plus years dinning on C-rats, LRRPs and MREs so that probably disqualifies me, eh?

  6. PawneeStrider74a good place to buy freeze dried food.

  7. thanks for this video – very good review, enjoyed watching.

  8. where do you order. ive got some small variety at walmart. where did you get the spoon fork

  9. I'm 100 pounds over weight. How long will that last?

  10. Thank u! AM putting together emergency car kit & will include your suggestions. Have heard the Granola & blueberries is good hot too. AFter watching this and several others the consensus seems to be that the best tasting meals by MH are: Chili Mac w Beef, Beef Stroganoff ( has 1000 ml salt!), Pepper steak and some really like the Chicken fried rice. I didn't know they made peas, green beans in separate pouches till I saw your video. WIll def get some! WIll try the Primavera. AGree w u that the eggs seem rubbery and weird texture. MRE's are disgusting and I'd much prefer these freeze dried meals although without water you'd be in trouble! THanks again! WAs very effective watching you eat this stuff for several days in a row.

  11. I've yet to find a good tasting long term food… so, far, Wise foods, is the best tasting… I've only tried three different ones… some leave a bad taste in your mouth…

  12. Rights and Justice for All

    I know this may be an odd question, but….. How were your bowl movements after eating all of those meals? I know you said on day two that there were no ill effects, it is a valid question, I would not like to be in the North woods and have the "Tennessee Quick Step" 😉 Very informative video…Thanks :)

  13. the mac and cheese is amazing! So cheesy and good

  14. Wolfgirlove092_Gaming

    You should do a pet food review to see which kind of pet food is too to buy!?

  15. Hector Anguiano

    Did you try adding salt or pepper to the eggs? I'm also working on a B.O.B do recommend mountain house meals or M.R.E'S

  16. Looking forward to watching this.

    Cheers friend.

  17. They all taste delicious when you're in the backcountry for 2 weeks.

  18. I've tried some kind of food like this before. I had some pasta type of food. While you could tell it wasn't exactly "fresh" it really wasn't that bad.

  19. Those look pretty good. Ever tried astronaut ice cream? Dunno about how long it lasts, but its tasty.

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