Survival Food Review : Wise Company Mac And Cheese

Survival Food Review : Wise Company Mac And Cheese

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  1. Jamison Hammonds

    bought this kit. food is gross

  2. Yay plain Mac and cheese!!!!! You could probably add butter and 2 slices of velveta cheese….

  3. three old lessons that will guarantee your kids will be well nourished when others are picking through trash cans. get ancient guide

  4. now add a 2 slices of Velveeta cheese a squirt of milk and your taste will be be 100% better

  5. DragonWolf Plays

    it a good review but yet you gotta think about it at least you have food if say your power out like all the food in the fridge it gonna like not be good so really this is good thing yeah it may not taste that good but when the time come you be thankful to have something to eat 

  6. lol every aussie household here in the central coast, has a full sized BBQ

  7. for those that cant have a bbq u can buy butane stoves for $20 and butane cans for as low as $1.50 ea. Or if u wanna go extreme like me… I bought an MSR dragonfly which runs on automotive gas, camping fuel and other liquid fuels

  8. iRapeHomelessWomen

    How do you boil 3 cups of water in an emergency situation? Is there anything like this that is prepared?

  9. wow i did not know they made survival mac n cheese. that's amazing! 😀 

  10. Shelf life and also having other types of entree's that are not easy to find in a highly compact long lasting package are extremely hard to find other than MRE's and they are nowhere near as good.

  11. Hear, hear! To say nothing of if the person is a loner, either by nature or circumstance. 

  12. Maybe too much white cheese?

  13. I feel like "survival" food should come in individual servings. If one is ever in an actual survival situation where he has to rely on his food preps, I don't think he wants the added difficulty of having to store leftover food.

  14. Hey Jeff from the sounds of it, do you not have you're teeth in this vid

  15. WiskeyDickBomber

    I hope English is not your first language 

  16. SpookysFortress

    expensive kraft mac and cheese

  17. this is more healthier that krafts. 

  18. Nice review, glad you're honest and unbiased.

  19. How did that not burn the shit outta your mouth :/

  20. GonzalezDream101

    Thanks for the honesty. Everyone kept overselling wise food didnt really know if it was great or everyone was full of crap. Great video!

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