Survival Food Prep: Dr. Mercola’s Ocean Minerals

Survival Food Prep: Dr. Mercola’s Ocean Minerals

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  1. Jens Helge Micke

    A good addition (and if not avaiable also replacement) to using Urgesteinsmehl/Rock Dust is the admixture of Wood Ash to add potassium, calcium carbonate and a tiny bit of phosphorus, magnesium and calcium (can also be used to make Wood Ash Lye and with a bit of fat => soap) and Jauche/Compost Tea from Nettle, Onion or Garlic to add nitrogen and even more potassium (can also be used as a fungicide and as a accelerator for your regular compost).
    If you have chickens you also have a great nitrogen source (a bit too potent, so always mix with sand or earth and use sparringly).

    Another way to enhace soil quality is Gründüngung/?Green Manure?, try to plant white mustard, tagetes, marigold, phacelia, winter rapeseed, lupinus, garden cress, clover or a myriad of others between your gardening/farm/fruit tree plots or ,when you let a plot fallow, on them and let them rot on them as mulch to combat Specific Replant Disease (cycle between Brassicaceae/Cruciferae, Faboideae and others), to let Cruciferae combat some pests and fluff up the earth and use Faboideae to enrich the soil with Nitrogen/Nitrate.

    (Fun fact: Hemp, Flax, mustard and zea mays and some form of sunflower that name escapes me can also be used to replenish, cultivate and use nuclear, metal and toxic contaminated soil (or live with the cesium and stock up on CsTolen A when it enters the market.)

    Also: Always try to cover your soil with a bit of mulch, be it simple cut grass or finely shredded wood to fertilize, regulate temperature and minimize your water usage.

    Worked for hundreds of years and, to some vendors dismay, still works today.

    Take care and be prepared.

  2. AnnBearForFreedom

    Could it be added to compost as it "cooks" down?

  3. PN — I love what you are doing to add color and effects to your videos. If I use this on my beard, will it grow faster (just kidding) OK, I have to say it, you are so darn cute with your facial expressions. Thank you for this video, I like how short term the product will help grow plants so when all of Canada is unleashed on America, we can still grow plants. eh 🙂

    I would like to see a video on what food types are most beneficial to can and take with you in a bug out. We all know that Spam should be in every person trunk (made right here in Tropical Minnesota 60 miles south of St Paul) need to plug the local product 🙂 But what else — Beans, Rice, Meats (canned) or a whole bunch of General Mills Oat meal (made right here in Tropical Minnesota) All kidding aside, if you only have so much room, what foods are the best to bug out with.

    PS. — love your accent, reminds me of home….

  4. Very interesting video and product

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