Survival Food Collection Kit part 1

Survival Food Collection Kit part 1

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This is my food collection kit. Please note, this is not a survival kit. I have other kits that contain all of the essential survival items (cutting tool, combustion device, cordage, container, cover). It is only a hunting a fishing kit. Enjoy.

Technical Specs

Condor MA-8 Utility Pouch
Width: 8 ½”
Height: 4 ½”
Depth: 3 ½”

Weight as Configured (with additional components)
3 lbs. 2 oz.
50 oz.
1420 grams

Pathfinder Kit — Core Components
1 Pocket Hunter Slingshot w/arrow rest and spool
1 Pocket Fishing Kit
1 Pack of Dakoline Ghost Rider snares
Total: .00

Additional Add-on Items
1 Pathfinder Bushmaster Spear Point .00
2 ESEE Izula Arrowheads .25
3 Carbon Break-Down Arrows .00
1 pack of Speed Hooks .95
(Sorry, I forgot to include the price of the speed hooks in the video)
1 Pack of 3/8 Steel Shot .25
Three Prong Frog Gig .50
1 Rat Trap .00
Total 6.95

Grand Total: 1.95


  1. Goddess1Princess

    use some old chap stick that will help the zipper

  2. As an avid back packer I know weight really counts. I have found dental floss to be useful for everything from clothing or tent repairs to fish line (you can even floss your teeth with it)!

  3. Just a suggestion, I love your sling shot.  To save weight you could use split shot (the kind with no ears) they would work for either sling shot ammo or fishing. Great video very practical.

  4. that fishing kit has a bit of a adult toy shape so euhm yeah

  5. WD-40 the zipper for less sticking

  6. In a worst case scenario, your wanting to follow rules and laws? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You will be the one someone finds dead because you didn't want to hunt or fish out of season. 

  7. Where did you buy the fishing line spool?

  8. I remember when they came out with the "Speedhook" for fishing. It's easy to use and can also be used to catch birds or squirrels.

  9. PVC tube to hold you arrows… very very cheap but long lasting and you can permenately seal (lock) on end with the adhesive glue.

  10. TheAmericanOutfitter

    I have many of them (Maxpedition, Condor, 5.11, Cabela’s, Blackhawk…) but none compare to Eberlestock. They make professional grade bags. Much appreciated. 

  11. in my state youll have to check in yours

  12. it is illegal to shoot any animal with field tips

  13. imo condor is better than maxpedition

  14. TheAmericanOutfitter

    Hi Folks, I forgot to include the price of the speed hooks in the video, so I added them in the narrative section. My apologies. Thanks for watching!

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