Survival Fire Kit

Survival Fire Kit

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Sensible Prepper Presents: “The Survival Fire Kit”. Fire is one of the most important Survival tools and having multiple ways to start a fire can be key to Survival.

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  1. what about potassium permanganate and glycerin

  2. Do those Numyth lighters dry out, or does that gasket prevent the lighter fluid from evaporating? I carry a zippo lighter, but have to refill it every week because it evaporates so quickly…

  3. You should get a zippo instead. Wind proof, reliable and stays lit so you can boil a small cup of water or start fire easy. Just keep it in an airtight bag so it doesn't evaporate as quick.

  4. David Trommler, DC

    Put a small piece of aluminum foil in the kit to start the fire on wet ground

  5. Not trying to be rude, just adding a few things that you could add to make it better. You could add some char cloth, along with a fire piston. Then you could add a ferro rod. Those are just a few things I believe would make your fire kit better. Definately a good video though and I'm gonna go make one now. Thanks for the advise. Definitely going to sbscribe.

  6. What Maxpedition pouch is that?

  7. Australia Outdoors

    That's a very big flint and steal

  8. I like to include birthday cake candles. Small enough to carry a few and do the trick in a low wind situation. They keep a flame for a good while and once the tinder starts you can toss the rest of the candle in to help the fire build on itself. It's hard to beat jellied cotton balls but like the most important thing you said, it's good to vary your options.

  9. I like a couple candles, like tea candles

  10. Really helped, thanks!

  11. Trioxane appears to work pretty well, but once you open that packet it will start to expire. The cotton balls or some fatwood would be a better solution for an emergency kit, IMO.

  12. Hi! Can I get your opinion on perhaps:
    – A crumbled Esbit cube or similar…
    – candles. Any size that just doesn't fit a candle-holder/birthday cake….
    – strike anywhere along with the waterproof matches (separated to not rattle together)….
    – and in keeping the fire going: pruning shears to cut nugget sized pieces once fire is started.
    Enjoying the work you do!

  13. hate that knife. bought it for 40 broke it in a day

  14. Sammi Prepper & Bushcraft from Australia!

    OK kit, but chap stick & 3 tampons will make more soaked cotton than you have and will fit in the same container, also you need more tinder a candle, twine, sharpener, wax cotton rounds, dryer lint, tooth floss, duct tape, hand sanitizer, magnesium rod, guitar pick, fat wood, alcohol swabs, ranger bands, and and old school flint & steel that = fire for ever!!
    A little of all these things in small long tubes would fit neatly in your kit as it does in mine, and you will have fire for ever, your cotton balls will run out in 2 days in a SHFT situation!
    P.S. And were's your matches rolled in toilet paper dipped in wax that you preached about?

  15. Just want to point out that fire steel you're supposed to strike with non-serrated / straight side if the striker. Other side looks like an emergency small saw.

  16. Jackofalltrade S

    my wife and i wear leather boots and keep them covered with mink oil so what i like to do is when i get down to the last little bit of oil in the tin i take a cotton ball and soak it up and i keep an old mink oil can in my pack full of those cotton balls

  17. i would add a piece of fatwood and you are set . well… you're set anyway but some fatwood won't hurt . also , Clipper makes a butane lighter that's refillable and the flint can be replaced. the flint carrier in a Clipper lighter is also removable , and can be used by itself to throw sparks .good stuff , don't know why i have not subbed but i will now . 2687

  18. I'm guessing that you made this video before you discovered the match, toilet paper and wax trick. I watched that tonight and I'm definately going to add some of those to my kit.

  19. This guy is crazy who needs all. These things plus in what know only smokers carry lighters and he Carry's them but really nice tutorials I'm loved it thanks

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