Survival Comms Basics | Lesson 2 | License Free Radio Comms

Survival Comms Basics | Lesson 2 | License Free Radio Comms

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In this video we discuss License-Free Radios for survival and emergency communications. This is lesson 2 in teh Survival Comms Basics series

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Android fanatic and videoblogger, Survival technology is a retired comms professional and expat living and having worked out of Scandinavia for the past couple of decades. Operationally, he has deployed in Europe, North Africa, Baltic, Southern Caucasus, Middle East, from Iceland to South Africa, in peaceful and not so peaceful zones…

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  1. SurvivalTech Nord

    Hi Guys
    I decided to answer the open question from +Canadian Prepper and include some of the info from +MrVegas in the next video instead of writing about them. its easier for me, and more people can get the information.
    thanks everyone, the feedback has been awesome.

  2. Bobby Tectalabyss

    Survival Comms Basics | Lesson 2 | License Free Radio Comms
    SurvivalTech Nord

  3. Lots of great information in this video! Thanks for sharing your expertise, STN!

  4. Great Lesson as always Nord!

  5. Great video.  I like it and cant wait to see more.  Please keep them coming

    Couple of things:
    Might be good to include marine radios.

    Would also be good to see a cost comparison between technologies.  Historically MURS is super expensive.  Example if I were to search on Amazon what is the cheapest device I could get to use FRS/MURS/etc.

    Have a list showing range comparisons:

  6. It's amazing how simple & clear you make these lessons. We have a CB radio & a pair of close range walkie talkies (they can reach to 2 miles). How would you go about getting electricity to the CB radio or walkie talkies; solar? Generator? What's a fairly inexpensive but effective option? We have talked about solar & I have a solar panel, but I'm always interested in alternative ways to power my comms during an emergency. Thanks for the great video! 

  7. Good stuff, STN.

  8. Canadian Prepper

    Great video, its starting to make more sense. I have many questions that will likely be addressed by your future videos, many of them are noob questions so bear with me! 

    Are CB radios generally larger radios? I see you didn't have small size as a pro there. I've actually used them on gravel roads before when I worked in forestry, but I'm wondering if they come in more portable packages.

    I'm not to clear about what single side band is… at all!. I'm assuming not all radios broadcast "over the horizon". I suppose that's where a 'repeater' comes in… How does wattage work? Output power?

    When you talk about CB's being able to use more output power, how does this work? On a physics level, but also on a technological level!

    Are license issued annually, do you need to renew it or is it a one time fee? Are they hard to acquire? Testing required?

    No need to answer all or any of these questions if they are being addressed in upcoming videos.

  9. Richard Slusher

    Great video, Master!  While I, as one of your ham brethren, think using CB / FRS / MURS borders on heresy; I do agree that you should let your communications needs dictate what service you use.  The same is true for what equipment one purchases.  If you're just looking for local comms you don't necessarily "need" something like an Yaesu FT-857D that does all bands and all modes.  It's more (a LOT more) radio than you need.

  10. Can you send data/ digital comms over any of the freeband areas?

  11. Living Survival

    Great video, learn your comms people!

  12. SurvivalTech Nord

    Survival Comms Basics | Lesson 2 | License Free Comms 

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