Survival-Bow Made With Bare Hands/HD

Survival-Bow Made With Bare Hands/HD

- in Survival Skills

Survival-Bow Made With Bare Hands/HD

I demonstrate how to build a simple bushcraft-survival bow only from natural materials and without any tools. I use stones for cutting and grinding to build bow and arrow for archery. Bowstring from pine roots and to stabilize the arrow i’m using pine needles.

Survival-Bow Made With Bare Hands , Primitive Skills /
Improvisation in a Survival Situation
HD Bushcraft Survival Video
Taromovies Bushcraft – Outdoor – Survival

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Hi my name is Taro and I’m interested in Bushcraft, Outdoor and Survival techniques like fire making, building shelters and outdoor improvisation. Sharing my opinions and experience here on my youtube channel “Taromovies”

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  1. maybe good enuugh for shooting fish, mudturtles, watersnakes, and frogs. Stuff thats hard to spear, but easy to approach within 10 ft or so. maybe birds on roosts at night, especially pigeons in a barn, if you can arrange to shut down their exit points

  2. Maria Ines Basti

    very good archer made with all natural thanks for teaching these techniques for survival and hunting

  3. awesome

  4. Thank you for taking the time to make a decently-edited video.

    Most people dont give a damn, and just ramble on for hours and hours…

  5. Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft

    Thanks so much to your all for watching the video, all the very kind comments and your wonderful support to my channel. You'll find some more information about the video in the description box below. If you have some more questions to this video, please post it on my latest one or send me a message, so i'll can give you a response. all the best, Taro

  6. Márcio Floripa

    Very nice exercise!! You have the skils to make it!!

  7. Allester Labrador

    this guy has a john locke vibe about him. i like it! subscribed!!!!!!

  8. This is a waste of time, that bow wont kill anything!

  9. unbelievable

  10. Rohbinson Samuel

    really good job ! thanks !

  11. hi taro! thats an awesome idea….i will try that soon…i enjoy watching ur video…thank and God bless"

  12. ohne werkzeug ohne alles und trotzdem fliegt der pfeil.
    respekt…muss man erstmal hinbekommen.
    grüße aus dem schwarzwald :D

  13. Marvelous!!!

  14. Thats a good bow 

  15. Bintang Sabihat

    what a great basic idea.. you can actually add some modification that make the bow more powerful…

  16. I have learned a lot and im a big fan thsnk you

  17. Antonio Stanley


  18. Thank you the video. It actually gave me inspiration to try more improvising. I will remember this when I need. I never would have thought to use the pine needles for fletching the arrow, nor did I think to use roots for the bow string. I am also writing a book and would like to use this method in the story.

  19. Great video

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