Survival Basics: Tipi Fire

Survival Basics: Tipi Fire

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  1. keeping it real

  2. That's what I like about your channel, sir. Always putting out informative videos, stuff that's different from the rest. Loving the higher resolution now too. Glad to see you putting content out regularly again! Thank you!

  3. nice job brother

  4. Great to see another Iowan out having fun!

  5. Nice! I have not seen this technique done until now. I usually did the log cabin fire lay, but sometimes its just not fitting to where it is Im making my fire. Also, that technique would be great when camping or using fire pits.

  6. Awesome old school knowledge for the nogg'n. On the Exotac, will the strike (almost) anywhere match light on the knurl portion of the case? Thanks again.

  7. I don't know of any historical reference for making feather sticks. Do you know of one?

  8. Great technique. Enjoyed the video.

    You mentioned Strike Anywhere Matches. I have some, and they are really crappy.

    You have contacts of guys that make outdoor survival and Bushcraft type gear.

    If someone wanted to make a real viable business, they would try to create the old style true strike anywhere matches for the survival and bushcraft industry.

    There is a real market for these old time matches with better heads that really take a spark. The newer ones don't have enough material on the heads to light consistently.

    And, they could initially be custom ordered and sold to the Bushcraft market. I'm convinced that people would more than get their money back.

    I would easily buy 10 boxes. The only criteriion would be that they would have to be cheaper than they are currently selling the survival matches.

  9. if you want to get back to the roots, it was called woodcraft before bushcraft came around.

  10. nice video friend thanks

  11. Thanks Terry! Good solid basic stuff.

  12. Good info!!! K&M match cases are the best that I have ever used, hand made in the USA

  13. Agree the the growing tendency to one upmanship. Bigger. Better. Badder. Much of that is fine, if the simple & down to earth have been mastered first. This video is a fine example, IMO. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  14. great explanation Terry! I'm really liking that Exotac case too!

  15. great explanation Terry! I'm really liking that Exotac case too!

  16. Great and simple technique. Thanks for sharing

  17. 10* Neat feathersticked tipi fire, makes great sense.

  18. Thanks again for some good solid instruction, IA Woodsman. Good stuff.

  19. Great job! I like the "fuss sticks"! You are right about the different types of trees here in Iowa then up north or out east. What is your preferred wood to make the fuss sticks? I do like the ninety degree, ninety degree fire building method on a good dry base.

  20. I'm digging how you use the feather sticks as a cushion to prop up the tipi

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